1 Hour of Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Gameplay (Livestream Archive)

We check out Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition for 1 Hour! Check out how the gameplay shapes up on Nintendo Switch, including the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack!

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MrTao says:

So you’re telling me that Microsoft is able to successfully bring Minecraft to a Nintendo platform, but they fucked up with Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts… *WHAT*

Obey The Demon says:

put a crafting table down

rata zam says:

but in the Nintendo Switch there are not archivements

tele-arena guy says:

when is it coming out physically?!

Obey The Demon says:

Why are you sneak mode? lol

NickTDodd1 says:

If you bought DLC on Wii U do you get it on switch too?

Robert Anca says:

Can you provide a link to buy it?

Joverlord says:

well along with minecraft’s age the older a game gets sooner or later people stop being vocal about it leaving only the haters that never forgot to bash a game they never like. happens to much only reason why there are so many whining in the comments. I use to really love the game build massive projects for years and I have lost my desire to play the game. still the thought of having it on the go sounds great but I could also just get bored very fast. cheats also have ruined me as I can’t spend the time to gather the blocks I need so I just gamemode 1 build a massive home gamemode 0 play the game it takes hours for me to get a house that I would live in hours and hours. and yes playing with people make it better but I played solo for so long built massive builds. I still find it a relaxing game though. I just wish they put in nintendo mobs like a real goomba not a retextured one a real mob. but then again that would be bad since minecraft main game been updated for free adding mobs would brake that

Super Splashor TV says:

This video will piss off so many nerds……

Asriel_Matthew says:

It’s out?

Chino XL says:

You’re fried you didn’t like it because you couldn’t remember to make a crafting table for 20 minutes

Forill says:

I got to admit, it was painful watching you at times when it felt obvious what you should do but you were struggling on it, then again we were all there at one point or another. Thanks for the video though 😀 Cannot wait to get this game… again

David Perea says:

How big is the map size?

ZELIN AB says:

What’s the price, please ?

Eduardo Martins Ramos says:

the Minecraft to Nintendo switch has been released or this video is a montage ? someone tell me

eumerius fárukus says:


hi yall says:

i dont get why this game is so popular. i remember back when this was in beta and it was a smash hit still. i love garrysmod so i can see why people can like it but i dont know. im not hating by the way. im just saying

GamesWithGamerz z says:

When is this out?

Jesus Osvaldo Broch says:

can’t wait till 01:00 on the clock

Sandy Panda says:

Is it 1080/30? really?

Im Just Noel says:

good to see nintendo catching up with ps3 and xbox 360

Meng Thao says:

The music always gave me a headache for this map pack.

Nical Minus 8888888888 says:

I need ZELDA mash up pack.

David Perea says:

How big is the map size?

Obey The Demon says:

I’ll definitely be picking this up for the Switch. Especially for on the go.

AdrianGamer3650 Plays says:


Beatsanthem _ says:

Okay so for some dumb reason I can’t get minecraft from the nintendo eshop why is that because it’s supposed to come out today yet the nintendo eshop can’t even let me buy it

some stingy on the internet says:

today is the 11th and minecraft nintendo switch edition can’t be bought?

Blank Blank says:

Motion controls here would be awesome! The Switch is capable for it, and there are enough buttons for it to work.

Amy Batch says:

What is the adventure mode?

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