✔️Minecraft PE 0.16.0 – EXCLUSIVE ADDONS GAMEPLAY!! // Minecon gameplay! [MCPE 0.16.0]

MCPE 0.16.0 addons gameplay! At Minecon 2016, I was able to play on the secret UPCOMING version of Minecraft PE 0.16.0! Add-ons are basically MODS for iOS and Android! These mods will come out on Minecraft 0.16.0 SOON! I’ll make more tutorials on this stuff once 0.16.0 MC is released! Hope you enjoyyyed.
RageElixir: YouTube.com/RageElixir


Hamburger Coconut says:

✔️Sub to me and i will sub you back. Reply if you did

MinerGaming Gaming channel! says:

Omg rage recorded the vid

That bear Guy says:

How do u add addons

ItzNick21 says:

hi *AGHQ*

MLG Lenny says:

omg lol that fan thi

Endercool says:

I like you

Xny x says:

Yea I thought the face reveal was lip synced ;-; dat was ur real face ;-;

Mela Agripa says:

Aghq one of my favorite youtubers 😉

DudeKing 1228 says:


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Z3R0TH3H3RO says:

Hey nice video but im a new mod developer trying to get known in the Minecraft comunitry and I was wondering if you could review my add-on? This add-on is called the Greek mythology add-on because more mobs will be added in the future. the mobs I have so far are the Minotaur and I retextured the zombie and made then not burn in the day and made them a bit stronger and faster. To spawn the Minotaur you use the zombie pigman egg oh and he also attacks zombies, pigs, rabbits, wolfs, villagers, and the player them self.
If you could review my add-on that would be awesome here is the link

Sgt Jeff says:

I was the fan xD I was really there to see aghq

Joe Denton says:

When does this update come out for iOS? If you know, PLEASE tell me.

Martha Mora says:

Adventure plz reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeespond

ItzBae says:

“Who am I”

MHZ COOL says:

Wait that fire charge texture is belong to alien invasion texture

ibxtoydog says:


Gdogvolt says:

Can i use your gameplay in my video (ill give you credit)

HACKSOURCE _9261 says:

I wish I could have gone to minecon but my parents don’t make good money because of racism

Nhi Nguyen says:



Indra Ibrahim says:

Hi, i want to introduce video intro and video effects for games channel. You can watch from this link

TheBlindKidWithGlasses says:

Is it for iOS or will be

AOgA Og O says:


Serperior Angel says:


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T.D.K. 453 & Knuckles/ The Director Kirby 453 says:

man i wish i went 2 minecon I’ve never been

NeXoNiX says:

what your intro song ?

Tygoshot 04 says:

Pls make a tutorial on how to get a cape on yout custom skin for iOS!!!

TheZgaming Cast says:

aghq ill transfer my dragonite if u reply and post a video of it

Serperior Angel says:

sup everyone

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Serperior Angel says:


RyanFlare // Free Intros says:

0:36 a kid says do they have the Ender dragon

AceYoshi 420 says:

I’m going to make a boss battle time too learn how to code

savitar savitash says:

dont press read more

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Ugly poop head ! says:

Will they cost money when 16.0 comes out?

VancePlayz- Minecraft And More! says:



Noise crush says:


JulianTHEGAMER PR says:


Micheal Slone says:

I knew it…..you have to pay to have addon

FuriusCraft The IndonesianGamer says:

Pls ADD LINK on the 0.16 minecraft im very want to download it

Serena Jones says:

Your videos are amazing! Keep up the good work!

Gameron Gaming says:

Fire Charge looks like Eldritch Flame from Growtopia

Mango Tango says:


FineminePlays says:

If adventuregamingHQ responds to me I’ll kiss my pug on the the lips and post it as soon as I can

pvp rage says:

thats too funny AGHQ!! LOL

TehPokeDashCraftSpartan says:

2:35, for a second i thought it said “this may take a few months”

SuperGamer DX says:

Hey everyone here’s some GOOD NEWS ABOUT 0.16.0 IOS RELEASE

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Torpedo Turtle Gaming says:

Subscribe to torpedo turtle gaming

Dat Mad Kid says:

Face reveal??? illuminati confirmed

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