★ Minecraft PE 0.16.0 Beta Gameplay (UPDATE)

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In this video all the features of the new 0.16.0 beta update are showcased via gameplay from AA12.

AA12 – https://www.youtube.com/user/arisaman12

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Song – RetroVision [NCS Release]


李书睿 says:

what is the music called?

Bonnie the bunny Banana says:

Minecraft pe mike i already have the update

Aisle 2829 says:

how to update mcpe to 16.0 ver?

Vhanny Vhanny says:

fake this version is .15.90

ToothlessHQ2- Mcpe & More! says:


Manyak Oyundalar says:

mal kafa

Aimee Mangani says:

drop a like on my onmebt i f she CBA she.

TheAcademicDolphin says:

It’s 0.15.0…..

Snoot Snoot says:

for some reason mcpe 0.16.0 is super laggy for me

SeaAssassin YT says:

thats is version 0.15.90

JomarYT says:

fake AA12

Gholamreza Nasiri-Nejad says:


Ariel Noah says:

Why your name is aa12

Muzaffer Çelikkol says:

guys if you dont believe look the top of the screen version is 0.15.90 means 0.16.0

Abbas Azizollah says:

Now this what I call a good beat and real i
liked it for that

leo zade says:

why do all say 0.16.0 beta

Rokib Uddin Ahmed says:

your right AA12 update is that! 🙂

*pvpalex gaming* says:

in minecraft v0.15.90.1 is becon end its like minecon

Enrique El crack says:

your a big noob

Cosiek Cośkiewicz says:

link please

the gaming kid says:

you stoll aa12s video

Javier M. Abeng says:

I thought they’re adding boss fights in this update too??

Marshall David Uy says:


Anadete Almeida says:


InfernoGamez YT says:

How do I download songs for free in android

SoulCalibur 197 says:


Djon Smith says:

Афигеть все англичаны

Emerio Manzano says:

Dose anyone know when the update is available for ios?

ProGaming Sem says:

I dont have the uptade in the app store and i cant joiin servers servers saying you NEED 0.16.0 grrrrrr

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