World War Z – Official Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2017

Saber Interactive and Paramount pictures presents World War Z, a new four-player coop third-person shooter coming in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

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Oliwier Rogula says:

I heard this is supposed to be something like payday 2

L M says:

I was waiting to see Brad Pitt character

Emil says:

I have a feeling health booosts will be in the form of pepsi from a vending machine

The King Slayer says:

i thought brad pitt found a cure

r8 says:

I completely forgot that the movie existed

Amadeus Quiaoit says:

You guys save all this shit for finchers movie maybe he can make a justice from the book

DoffaFTW says:

Since some people in the comment section of this video must be stupid world war z is a movie.

pradeep kumar says:

Looks like a mobile game.

WrecklessEating says:

There’s no way that many zombies will be on screen during gameplay lol

SF2TOKYO says:

Already better than Days Gone. But that’s not saying much.

Sheren Faruka says:

GTFO looks scarier and better

DirSec says:

I hope it don’t lag that much

Daniel Katzman says:

Fuck third person,it’s ruining the experience

Solovino Juntoseva says:

Ugh, this looks like its based on that awful movie and not the book.

Acked :94: says:

Real reason trump is building a wall.

Arnav Gupta says:

L4d3 ??

B0lduk says:

Nice job putting your damn ads for the last 20 seconds of your videos, obstructing the whole screen, Gamespot. Can’t even see the ending of the trailer and what’s written. How about letting these up for the whole video next time so we just can’t see shit the whole time instead of just the end? Shitty editing is shitty.

GameSpot says:

Does this really live up to a AAA standard?

TopComicX says:

Well I didn’t see that coming.
What’s the name of the background music?

Shark1103 says:

I miss the day when RE was the only zombie game, and it was scary too.

Norge N/A says:

Looks good

Zipotricks says:

Is this days gone or what the fuck?

John Hanton says:


Kim Wash says:

Yay left 4 dead 3!!!

GhostJager81 says:

I wonder if this will be complete shit like the Movie, but if they follow the Book this could be amazing!

actorben says:

I don’t get all the negative comments. IMHO I want to see some gameplay footage and see and hear about how it works before I judge.

Maximus X-45 says:

Still this game won’t beat Last of Us

Dmx035 says:

I just need more zombie games bring it out !!!!!

StingerGamer says:

if i can build a base then im gonna buy this

Tristan Homewood says:

is this  left 4 dead 3?

Runa Merone says:

Don’t put your fucking logos and links to other content over the last 20 seconds of a minute long video, Gamespot!

Günter Netzhaar says:

According to the German Landwirtschafts-Simulator (Agricultural Simulator), now the Economic Refugee Simulator 2015 (THE WORLD WAR Z – see above Trailer):

Play in THE WORLD WAR Z (Subtitle: “REFUGEES WELCOME – wir schaffen das!!!”), the role of a ruthless German Chancellor defying her own parliament, her people and existing laws, and directing with uncontrolled economic refugee flows (mostly unknown identity) from North Africa, the Balkans…, first Germany and then Europe underneath! Bend down in this ‘simulation’ as deeply as never before and force your own people (Germany…) complete submission to the newcomers and their ‘cultural’ practices, and be as generous, submissive and liberal as any People before another, foreign, seeking help ‘culture’! Feel the full gratitude of these help-seeking hordes of human beings in stealing, murdering and infuriating their people from these new arrivals and ‘cultural divinities’, raping and spitting on them as unbelievers… – feel completely free and uninhibited and crappy own people, which pays tax for it and replace it with a new one…!

JayyGoCrazy says:

This would be amazing if it’s a open world multiplayer game.

Luka de Nueva Andalucía says:

And the nazis zombies?

Mechanical says:

This looks about as good as metal gear survive does.

*Why are we still here? Just to suffer?*

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