World War 3 – Announcement Trailer

World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Coming to Steam in Fall 2018.


ExGa Narcotic says:

i like what i see!

The Great Spaghett says:

Historically incorrect 0/10

jizzanthapuss maammarata says:

Oh wow a FPS game, not like there’s a million of these that all look about the same or anything.

Janjk says:

I want this

Brent Ivan Espiritu says:

German vs Russia?? Because i just saw a Leopard 2

Remark67 says:

Battlefield 4 2.0

Weebnamese says:

Song of the whole trailer?

Almira Marhosevic says:

I feel like this is gonna be world war 3 and ready or not vs cod and r6s . Game war

Jules says:

Ale Złote Tarasy to kurwa zostawcie

yo yo says:

This is getting over hyped….the gameplay hasnt even been released yet

Squishy Potato says:

*Syria = WW2*

Spick Track says:

Polish slag.

Pan-Wakka says:

What Battlefield V should have been.

Ikmal Aliazhari says:

Omg i cant wait this game :v i want buy it on steam!!!

Luiz says:

Bye battlefield

Diego Quan says:

HailUrss… o wait :v

Morpheus says:

another bf4 clone…

polski pieseł says:

Wreszcie polska strelanka w czasach współczesnych

Donald J. Trump says:

Damn Putin pranks gone wrong again

Sdsdfdu says:

Oh boy I can’t wait for yet another game with Russians as the bad guys. Пиздец

John Yutba says:

warface and battlefield all rolled into one

Лосяш III says:

Battlefield 6

Erick Tamayo says:

I want an online game where war is happening online. Where each respective countries will be their starting point. And each will fight for a point area. Land air and sea for 24hours. And will start if 1k players each are available. Each will be assigned where they will fight and each will conquer land or retrieve them. Reds vs. Allies!!!

q455frodomar says:

The dev’s are called The Farm 51. Their reputation is rather mediocre so I will wait for gameplay.

Bartosz Szulc says:

Polish Battlefield. Will it fight against Witcher to be best Polish game?

Organic Gamer says:

This game looks incredible

NiZe says:

i guess this is WW Free 🙂


If this is real are world now destroy losing family and love no more civilizatoin all dead now but the other survivor will hungry

Thales Eduardo says:


Ubiquitous says:


cha0s says:

Gives me some good ol’ Batlefield vibes.

noorizerx says:


Savio Aguiar says:

PS4??? Xbox One???

Akxsis says:


Palaash Atri says:

Battlefield 3 feels anyone?

Illiana Rodriguez says:

Is it for ps4 or xbox one and pc ?

todd reaker says:

None of the great shooter games come to console. Sad.

PhantomMatrix says:

But will this game prepare us for the real WW3 with Russia, China, US, UK?

For Land says:

Another great Polish game.

Айдан Байтуллин says:


Vichu Poppz says:

wowww..badass game man i hope its compatible for everyone and less..i

Hans Moser says:

Is this gonna be PC only?

BIG.BO520 says:

man im tired of them showing trailers of games but then the games nvr come

Mathis Ribault says:

There are US RUSSIA UK and FRENCH soldier in this trailer



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