Twin Mirror – Paris Games Week Gameplay Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC

Peer deeper into the life of Sam Hayes, his alter ego, and his mind palace in this new Twin Mirror gameplay trailer from Paris Games Week.

Stay tuned for more info on Twin Mirror which will launch in 2019.

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GranX says:

Nobody in these comments is even talking about the game.

awesomejf03 says:

Heavy Rain x Alan Wake

Wetwork Network says:

*”The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?”*

M F says:

This looks fun hopefully it’s not as bad a flop as murdered soul suspect.

Nosh Gaming says:

Looks really good visually but for god’s sake dontnod. It has been years and you still cant develop good facial expressions and proper lip syncing .Totally a turn off from all of your games including life is strange.

alfredo madow says:

1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.

Croz Raven says:

This feels like Alan Wake + Memento (movie) mix together.

Historia The Fish Queen says:

That bitch looks like rhymestyle

Needlecrash says:

Reminds me of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy.

Damen Fowler says:

Rhymestyle? That you bro?

Mike-Eze says:

This game looks boring as all hell to be honest. Hopefully I’m wrong because I like this developer’s games

Hypa Taiga says:

Im sry im going to be honest i live perspective, story, and puzzles but……this looks and sounds like beyond two souls, remember me, and quantinum (the tine manipulation game) sounds……kinda interesting but overall not interesting enough just….it sounds really boring

Now if u wanted to do this kind of thing i might suggest do something like d4 dark dreams dont die now i know its cancelled will never be finished, but the whole premisebis interesting and hibestly if u added these elements with that u know make it more funny as well i might play
But with first impressions here of all places;
Im sorry i am really bored i really tried to be invested….but it fell flat its not a bad game…..its just not my cup of tea and i have a feeling a handful MIGHT agree

Anónimo Anónimo says:


sfturbo says:

Bamco really investing in more new IPs…
Damn, this is episodic?

KronosTL says:

A little lame plot device, but I can be wrong.

JesterOfSatan says:

Always down to play more Twin Peaks inspired videogames.

Shoaib Hassan says:

Mind Palace? Deductive reasoning? Is this Sherlock Holms?

Theclaw Yaww says:

Is this gonna have canerous sterotypical politic commentary like LIS2

Legojake94 says:


taco sensei says:

People in this comment section never played life is strange huh?

Bluntzy D says:

So a walking simulator.. I was thinking more like Eternal Darkness.. oh well

Frozenology Elemental says:

Love to play it,
and please release all Life is Strange 2 episodes first.

Kabuto The Fox says:

Adam ruin’s video games

JoshuaYo Oops says:

Haha I see

Goku 4Smash says:

Rhysmstyle is that you?

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