Top 8 NEW Game Trailers This Week – MUST SEE Gameplay Trailers (Upcoming Games for PS4 Xbox One PC)

From the trailers released this week, what was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section down below. Thanks for watching!

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Trailers mentioned-

#8 – Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War Launch Trailer

#7 – ECHO Gameplay Trailer

#6 – ELEX Factions Trailer

#5 – Assassin’s Creed Origins Post Launch & Season Pass Trailer

#4 – Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Environments Trailer

#3 – The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Launch Trailer

#2 – Life is Strange Before the Storm Ep2 Trailer

#1 – Hunt Showdown New Gameplay Trailer

Credit for Outro Music-

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supermanwithpower says:

3rd game is a tweaked red faction game.

PQSxSins says:

The title says “NEW GAMES” and yet half of these trailers are DLC content trailers.

xXx Swoop xXx 9 says:

Ghost Recon PvPs just going to turn into one group of 4 snipers versus another group of 4 snipers. I can see it sticking out like dogs balls, no thanks I’ll pass.

tizi007gold says:

That game ECHO looks amazing. Does anyone know a realese date ?

Emmanuel Carrasco says:

First called it!!

Aliensk8r12 says:

Dang i thought that was a bionicle in the thumbnail

MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン says:

2 game I’m hyped for right now, MHW and .hack GU 4
Screw other game

Challis says:

Gamecross? What happened to our boy CultOfMush?


is the new assassin’s creed out yet? DLC details already???

supermanwithpower says:

5th game “dlc” cash grab.

carter brown says:

screw assassin’s Creed stealing the culture of Africans not giving them their just do in games

supermanwithpower says:

6th game is a shadows of the dammed wanna be

Tip Topp says:

Crap review

oheyimsora says:

fave channel

Steven Guevara says:

Assassin’s creed and Hunt showdown.

Jean Bryot says:

No WAY. FREE?………..yah right wait for MC take part on debut and it will plumet

KE1R4N W says:


Mike Clarke says:

Some ghost recon trailer was first? Closing video…

supermanwithpower says:

4th game use’s for honor battle system concept but best game so far on this guys list

Dakota Whisenhunt says:

Hunt Showdown looks dope!

Anthonio Williams says:

best faqing game chanell eva

Moring Samuel says:

i love the music for the secend game triler

Randybailey Bailey says:

Echo lmao garbage

supermanwithpower says:

8th game another original

Taylor Franke says:

I’m exited for the bounty hunting game it looks really cool!

KineticUncertainty says:

They all look fucking retarded except for evil within 2

Michael Ang says:

How is this called new this week? Some has been up for sometime.

Xvideos xnxx tubxpron says:

please subscribe me all my fun….

adam sales says:

that hunt showdown at 15:23 that hit detection though pmsl

Emmanuel Carrasco says:

I love ur videos dude!

Sweaty Roach says:

So trash

Ron Doyle says:

My PS4 is dying or update 5.0 poisoned it

Marius Olsen says:

Fuck me got a add for star wars bf2. Could not skip that shit fast enough

Henric Wicks says:

Withholding excitement for Hunt Showdown, for the same reason I withheld excitement for Shadow of War, and many other games. It looks great, and I want to play it, but if there are loot boxes/microtransactions of any kind, I’m out.

supermanwithpower says:

2nd game is( ico 2.0 )

supermanwithpower says:

7th game is an original

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