Top 7 NEW PS4 Game Trailers This Week – MUST SEE Gameplay Trailers (Upcoming Games PlayStation 4)

From the trailers released this week, what was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section down below. Thanks for watching! (Keep in mind, these trailers are in no particular order)

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Trailers mentioned-

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer

EXTINCTION Story Trailer

Attack on Titan 2 Opening Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs Launch Trailer

Planet Alpha Announcement Trailer

Genesis: Alpha One Planetary Landing Trailer

Ni No Kuni II Light and Shadow Dev Diary Trailer

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ashutosh Mishra says:

AOT looks really weird to me why are these people trying to kill what it seems like extremely large biology lab maniquins that are used to educate children about body parts.

yozgatlicaner says:

calm down

SWSW says:

I never finish my games i have so many i havent finished idk what to do with myself.

The Shadow Hunters says:


Gator 157842 says:

Tomb Raider could be kool, other than that looks like greed city. Nothing to get hyped about

Tech Hybrid says:

Genesis alpha 1 looks amazing

James R says:

Extinction is what im most interested in here

gildas wantier says:

Planet alpha ftw

Green_Goblin_xx says:

This would be a great video if you’re dumbass mouth was yapping the whole time.

DJ Klose says:

Everytime I see attack on titan I can’t help but wonder wtf are they smokin’ over there??

j Barnes says:

Honestly i was confused if rise of the tomb raider was new or a remake of something you just confirmed it for me so much later lol

Larry God says:

P5 and Ni No kuni W.O.T.W.W.Masterpiece of gaming .

Grumpy Old Git says:

I like how Extinction uses animation and cinematics in it’s trailer. I hope that they’ll be used in the game.

Arian Drake says:

That Extinction Game looks Promising

Borko Borko says:

Extinction looks like a game that im gonna pass.
Idk why but im not feeling it.

Al J says:

Glad tomb raider is getting out of the snow and stuff. Mayan pyramids look sweet!

Theman180 2.0 says:

I am not playing AOT 2 because I heard it has spoilers for season 3

TheTwisted869 says:

So many great new games and Im still struggling to finish games back on the PS3 and Xbox 360 still… Ugh I feel an anxiety that Ill never finish them all… #GamerProblems

pickle rick says:

Same old shit get a switch that’s were it’s at

jonny boi says:

Ni no !!!

Sir Xela says:

Planet Alpha looks so damn beautiful.

Ali Taimoor says:

I don’t get it! Is killing homeless, dickless, clothes-less, and mindless giants with a Japanese teenager really fun? I am talking about Attack on titan of course.

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