TOP 10 Most Anticipated Games [2019-2020] Cinematic Trailers

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2019 – 2020 Cinematic Trailers: Skull and Bones, The Devision 2, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, Anthem, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Ghost of Tsushima

List of Games:

0:00 Skull and Bones

2:22 Total War: Three Kingdoms

4:16 The Devision 2

7:37 The Last of Us 2

12:20 Cyberpunk 2077

13:50 Death Stranding

18:17 Halo: Infinite

20:14 Anthem

21:55 Beyond Good and Evil 2

25:24 Ghost of Tsushima



Many of you write in comments about other games that we need to add. But in these games there are no cinematic trailers. The title is Top 10 Most Anticipated Games 2019-2020 Cinematic Trailers. Here we focused on cinematic trailers for most anticipated games (this is subjective).
Because we know that you like cinematic trailers. Isn’t it?


can we get 50k subs with no videos says:

The thumbnail looks like a fat orochi from For Honor

Sahal Najeeb says:

Can anyone tell me where I’ve heard that song at the ending

Lukas Storm says:

Dreams 🙂

John Breitley says:

Fuck that sjw propaganda in video games… Literally swarms of blacks and women

Kareem Magdi says:

Lu Bu sends his regards!

Zab Tak says:

cyberpunk only – other games looks crappy

Cameron Barclay says:

The Skull and bone trailer music is ripped straight from the king arthur film soundtrack

Alpax Dis says:

Anthem all the way

Shahriyar Osouli says:

Tom Clancy…another name for bullshit

Lalcha Haokip says:

son of a gun this is a game?!!!!!!!!!!! daiiimmm

Jeremy Block says:

“The Devision 2”

CzERA says:

ubisoft could totally make a movie

Master Try says:

cyber punk is coming out on ps5

Elberto Tv says:

Halo pls

Tuấn Trần Anh says:

Death stranding,Cyberpunk 2077,The last of us 2

Nikita Lukjanov says:

what’s the song in the end of the video?

Lady Emerald says:

Shut up and take my money

Bartosz Hanajczyk says:

Only violence, lack of hope and endless sadness – thats world without God for you.

Omsui Skies says:

Death Stranding also on pc? really?

Sillious Slicous Chico Sluttious says:

WTF is that game!? *DEATH* *STRANDING* looks like a ww2 has come up from the dead.

Marcel-Toader Pastina says:

the ending song??

Diego Zavala Xed says:

HYPE for Doom Eternal

Jeffrey Wan says:

Three Kingdom is the best

Imran Khan says:

11.45 am – strangely no blood on her t shirt despite being stabbed in the stomach by the bandits ???

Tjong go kong says:

If the game goes PlayStation 4, it likes macromedia mx flash games without dreamweaver for website builder, if yes let’s play dead piracy

Mirrorwarrior says:

Interesting selection and these trailers are amazing especially Skull n Bones, wow what graphics! It was unimaginable even just ten years ago!

egjw1234 says:

Kinda makes you plan already for new areas to take action for before getting the game

Abdi Faishal says:

metro exodus!? come on…

HOSS_PLAYS __ says:

1:02- Looks just like George Washington

BloodCoyote says:

Last of us 2 clip was hard to watch lol. But that game will be amazing only reason why I’m buying my third system (ps4)

Krishna Purusa says:

After 4 commercials, I haven’t seen any gameplay. Though stories are cool… they are why I go to the movies. I buy games for gameplay.. and thus far none of what I seen has shown me anything I’d pay to do.

flip Bakker says:

maybe mount and blade Bannerlord?

HOSS_PLAYS __ says:

Still waiting for a good FF game. XV disappointed me. Shitty combat. Stupid game mechanics. Still haven’t even gotten close to beating that game.

Fetaiai Uta says:


Cheng Liu says:


Simen Haust says:

Skull & Bones and Cyberpunk are the only 2 that look good to me, but then again they look VERY good! 🙂

deadby15 says:

Pirates = One White guy, one white gal, and one black dude.

Rishab Rana says:


No Chance says:

So i ask you once again samurai do u surnderrrr??

John Wayne says:

ghost of tsushima !!!!

Levi Javan says:

There’s no way Ubisoft is going to keep graphics that flawless

tsuba14 says:

Total War franchise has been going downhill for awhile now. can’t trust the developer

Mikhail Angela says:

“Make Three Kingdoms Great Again” – Lü Bu

Jasper Asten says:


vikeicezack says:

Halo Infinite = Possibly MORE RVB!!!

The Invisible World says:

last of us 2 scene, didnt move me on this one scene…needed more emotion in that one

King Jay says:

Anyone else noticed the King Arthur Soundtrack?
Growing Up In Londinium

С Сид says:

Господи! Что за чушь. Skull and Bones, The Last of Us 2- сущий кал

Ayakashi Hadate says:

Remember, No Pre Order

me: Pre Ordering Cyberpunk 2077

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