THE OUTER WORLDS Trailer Obsidian New Game (The Game Awards 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

THE OUTER WORLDS Trailer Obsidian New Game (The Game Awards 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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S Lian says:

Okay okay I know everyone is excited by dayumm 1:01 booty I was so distracted

GasMaskGarry says:

Me: oh god I swear to god if this going be like destin-

Obsidian: with the developers of Fallout: New Vegas

Me: I’lL bUy YoU’rE eNtIrE sToCk!!!

Alec R says:

And now I’m aroused

GaruuSpike says:

Holy hell this animation is fantastic

nustada says:

Looks ok, but making corporations the bad guy is cliche and dumb.

Harrisons survival videos says:

I pooped

jeff stone says:

I got hungry at the end

William dabill says:

I dont think its gonna do to good

Joel Domenech says:

This looks interesting, the company’s making it alone will peek interest in a lot of people, I haven’t played the first few fallout games but this has to be better than fallout 4, and certainly better than the 76 disaster,(rpg aspect) bring Bethesda to it’s knees. Can’t wait to see gameplay

ElMoreneitor says:


Sunnzo says:

Facials remind me of Friday The 13th. I’m sure they’re not final though.

jjdude00 says:

So why did Microsoft purchase them if they don’t make exclusives for them?

Emil C says:

Ringa ding ding

Thousand_Cuts says:

Ok….looks like Cyberpunk has met it’s match.

Magzet says:

No Man’s Sky + Fallout =)

Random Fun says:

I’m looking at the like/dislike ratio and all i can think about is….
Goddamn, there’s only 162 Bethesda Fanboys left in the world 😀

Wallopy123 says:

Straight up borderlands rip off

RobotR2B says:

Oh shit this definitely hit Bethesda hella hard

Кирилл Ошаров says:

Ребята не подведите! Лучше New Vegas – 3D фаллуата не было и нет! Жду ваш новый и глубокий мир!

Angel Camacho says:

Please don’t flop please don’t flop

Vyrin says:

Still better than Fallout 76

Dєltα Mσσdíє says:

They release this game when Bethesda releases a shit game good marketing honestly

kieran10202 says:

I’d just like the developers to know that forcing you to kill someone to further the plot isn’t open ended, having “good” characters go along with it is not very much in the spirit of choices having consequences, and finally, laughing at pointless violence is not a substitute for real comedy.

unknown legend says:

imagine this game online outerworld 76

David Dolihal says:

Well, looks like I will finally buy some game after a long time of shitty developers.

SnicketStudios says:

It’s like a combination between Rage, BioShock, and Borderlands.

John Jackson says:


quang anh nguyen tien says:

Obsidian: Fk Bethesda, I’ll do it myself.
Yes our Lord and Savior Obsidian, please take my wallet.

Courier 6 says:

“From the original creators of fallout”
That’s one giant middle finger to Bethesda

Lil AJ says:

space vegas

Unknown Username says:

This looks like a destiny rip off

malenotyalc says:

At this point I just want to see in an ad, “not Bethesda or EA.”

Samuel Reid says:

Bethesda stabbed us in the back and obsidion is here to bandage the wound

Wilson 7397 says:

Borderlands 3?

Jak Dope says:

Instantbuy. Safe call. Seems to be all i’m looking for in a ludicrous Universe with Corporations, Mercenaries and Space-Pirates.

Black Dahlia says:

This looks…awesome! Cooler than that fallout shit it oozes style hope it’s worth it ^-X

LazyLife IFreak says:

Now that’s Fallout 4

Chris Cardona says:

This your better-than-average movie trailer

Erik Perez says:

Borderlands 3, without so much humor.

stephane Charbonneau says:

Can you switch camera angles to 3rd person though?

Pickle Rick says:

Welp fallout is officially dead as I franchise

jeff stone says:

Fallout+Borderlands=God tier gaming

Monsieur Jeaques says:

I fucking love them for using iggy pop in this trailer!!!

Havoc says:

Better than crappy fallout 76

TigBits McFlufferson says:

Omg thank goodness finally another great fallout game <3

Androth says:

i love how they rub it in that *they* are the creators of the best fallout games ever.

hill man says:

This the real fallout

Unity _ says:

Looks amazing as hell, this theme of game is my favorite

JSabourin says:


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