THE LAST OF US 2 Trailer NEW PS4 (Paris Games Week 2017)

THE LAST OF US 2 Trailer NEW PS4 (Paris Games Week 2017).

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Lujy says:

Wait. What? What?! I don’t understand. If that’s Ellies mom does that mean we will play with her character and Ellie’s ?

Tipu Imran says:

I am excited about it. The Last of us was a major succes for Naughty Dogs. A master piece tbh. I hope that part 2 lives up to its hype.

David Polaczek says:

if the main character k isn’t joel or if they kill him im not playing it

Rogerpunk says:

Man look at the faces!! This is BRILLIANT!

SocietyInCrisis says:

Fuys plz remember that ellie is supposed to have a bite scar OR a tatto on her arm.
Joel’s daughter is dead and so is ellie’s mom(marlene’s voice memo at the end of the game when you try to pick up ellie)
So yeah.

Landon Willis says:

why didn’t some one grab the gun

Epicenter Gaming says:


rokem562 says:

Not those Clickers I was just hoping for the zombies only

superdude874 says:

I don’t think people realize just how scary and realistic these games are looking. It’s getting to the point where these are looking like movie trailers.

MHQ 10 says:

Does anyone know when the game is released ?

TheAnimeloverist says:

Damn Ellie’s mom looks like she’s been pumping that iron, buff for days. A clicker probably doesn’t stand a chance against her.

ozan cebi says:


Mikael Wikström says:

Yay women are men!!!!

MegaCreepyAlien says:

What if we play as one of these characters and Joel and Ellie are the antagonists.

silverserpent100 says:

Is Laura Bailey just in everything now?

KeNzA_ ZoU says:


Devin Smith says:


letuer 385 says:


Matthew Gorospe says:

Batman – “this was the trailer that we didn’t deserve, but the one we needed”

Ellie bby says:

Im confused asff

Er Rico says:

It might be ellies mom

Ryan lii says:

Ayyy Asian characters

(I’m Asian myself and I’m pretty excited… idk why lol)

M.A.B. says:

As long I can keep my bow, I’m gonna be unstoppable

Avery perry says:

It surprising that this outbreak has been going on for more than 20 years and a lot of people r still alive

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