The Game – Official® Trailer [HD]

Release Date: September 12, 1997

There are no rules in “The Game”. And that will make life very difficult for Nicholas Van Orton, a successful businessman who is always in control. Van Orton lives a well-ordered life – until an unexpected birthday gift from his brother destroys it all. Like it or not, Nicholas has been enrolled in a game – “a profound life experience” that begins quietly but soon erupts in a rush of devastating events. Van Orton has to win this deadly game or lose control of everything in his life.

Cast: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger, James Rebhorn, Carroll Baker, Anna Katarina, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Elizabeth Dennehy

Studio: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Director: David Fincher
Screenwriter: John Brancato, Michael Ferris
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Official Website: Not Available


zobielamouche1 says:

one of the 25 best films so far.

Aristotle says:

Possibly the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen.

Christopher Perry says:

You get him back, that’s what you get the man that’s got, everything.

Jack XY says:

welcome to our reality.

Cali9000 says:

“I paid them more to make it stop” that’s the line that got me in the theater to watch this. Fun movie.

Aazad Shaikh says:

Muhammad Azad

TomTomChucky says:

Just saw the movie. Nice thriller, but the ending ruins it all. It’s just a game. ”They where shooting blanks at you” So blanks actually smash up things, like a vase?? Ups!

saa miranda says:

I came from “Fear inc”. I’m gonna watch this movie.

Mach Steelr says:

one of my most favorite movies. i remember when it came out, the internet was barely a taste on peoples lips just a smack, not a mainstream diet, but the marketing for the film was just absolutely brilliant.

smoke489 says:

One of the best movies.
I remember the trailer back in 1997. Fun times.

J HUGHES says:

Is this gangstalking?

ana muslim says:

Polygram filmed entertainment 0:06

Aydın Aksoy says:

Best !

Caio Bouwens says:

it looks like nerve

CsFF4U says:

40:10 (In real movie) – CPR/First-Aid… this is NOT allowed to be shown how to do properly!

pradaluggage2 says:

“right now i am extremely dangerous”….

Luke Dylan says:

I can see a modern form of a „Scrooge“ in that movie.

livet knullar mig i röven says:

The movie is better than the shitty trailer.

Shoby says:

The Batman anyone?

KnowThyself7 says:

Not a Game but an Experience

MysticMavi says:

I just watched the movie. At the end, how did they know where he would fell? The exact spot? He could have thrown himself from another point of the roof. All and all, good movie.

Komang Putra says:

Much better than nerve movie

guy ntunguzi says:

I just finished the movie my reaction was just wooooowww!!! One of the best movies ever

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