The Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailers (2018) – Part 2/2

League of Legends, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Overwatch, The Walking Dead, Destiny 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2: The 10 Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailers of 2018, Part 2!


00:01 The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Cinematic Trailer

03:42 Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Grant Trailer

06:55 Ryze: Call of Power | Cinematic – League of Legends

12:23 Cinematic “Old Soldier” – World of Warcraft

18:37 Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The End of the Beginning

21:25 The Sinking City – Death May Die Cinematic Trailer

24:37 Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer

26:20 Total War: Three Kingdoms – Announcement Cinematic

28:32 Skull & Bones – E3 2018 CGI Trailer

31:01 Subnautica Cinematic Trailer


la rédac' du renard says:

I wish LoL was a mmorpg.

柳腰玉颜 says:

while watching the 1st one, feeling like the settings are so skyrim, the music also sounds familiar.
At the end, OMG Elder Scrolls Online is heree!!!!!

Goofydart86662 2 says:

League of Legends ya got me again…

porshapuppy says:

What game are you looking forward to?

BoxMan says:


pasteldreams says:


Sandu Musteata says:

Its funny how all silvers and Bronzies trash talk lol gameplay.

Kankrii says:

Yall act like League cant have any lore to it. Like stfu, just admit you like the trailer and move on. I don’t see yall complain about the overwatch, wow, or any other cinematics.

PianoGold651632 says:

Walking dead look fire

TheNerd173 says:

Anthem always manages to make me cum

Bangcat says:

Fuck Sega’s Total War. Give us Border Break, Virutal On, Phantasy Star, and all the stuff we’ve been asking for!

David Stahlberg says:

In my eyes, Anthem is another game that the world didn’t need. The combat system looks like a copy of Destiny. The suits look boring, without any character and in general every trailer for the game seems to be designed for as much action and as little action as possible.
Even the Titanfall games offered more incentive.

Even though I’ve bought every bioware game since Dragon Age, I certainly won’t buy it. My money is too good for that.

Anier VG says:

Apparently Ubisoft is our only hope for good piratey themed games…

Денис Карсика says:

они закапали 20000000 м.16 в пустыне . чтобы сексульна спасать мальчика у ацтеков. Это стоит того

Weeb's Games says:

when will they have a new rouge like?

Killer Shadow801 says:

Waiting for saints row 5

tusek97 says:

Really? No Warframe Fortuna Trailer? Just so you know… *WE ALL LIFT TOGETHER!*

Noah Beier says:

29:05 isn’t that from the “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” OST? “Running Londinium” or what it was called?

TheCoper COper says:

League is adorable. Those runes barely change the game (yes, Im casual, fuck off), but in the cinematic they make it seem like they are all powerful treasures sought by all.

Gakaru Gaming says:

Razhum’Dar is one of my favorite characters of ESO

qilah dud says:

10:03 she’s frkin Hatsune Miku

Eva die Sozitante says:

BLIZZARD Cinematic > ALL <3

Patrick McDermott says:

God Dammit, the league of legend ones get me everytime. I think it’s a cool new game then it turns out to be freaking LoL

Azlynn Irie says:

Literally cried for the elder scrolls game but I don’t like how it’s online

JustQinn says:

Come on I want trailers for the Elder Scrolls six not online.

Mataratzu says:

Im come here for the thumbnail because im furry :v

Arazoh says:

They make ESO’s trailers look sooooooo good. Then when you get into game you get a budget version of what they had in mind. X-X

Night Stick says:

League kills it when it comes to incredible animated shorts, if only Rito could stop actually killing League…

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