STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 Reveal Trailer (Game 2017)



TheEpicGuy18 says:


Han Solo then appears with an army of ewoks

“Oh really?”

DatCracker says:

I just want some fucking single-player in this game, not a bunch of shitty “missions” thrown in so they can sell it at 70quid

AgentClockWork says:

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story
Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Star Wars Episode 9: ?????????????


Bralannn says:

Star Wars battlefront version 1.0

Geskordon says:

so battlefront 2 has a single player story?

NfsGod2016 says:

The Multiplayer servers are gonna be epic but maybe also chaotic

Michaela Aulbach says:

who is ready for some star wars battle front twoooooooooooooooo

Decapre says:

everyone talking about clones in the comments… pfft fuck the clones. mandalorians all day. I’m trying to get some bounties over here.

SpodeR says:

This is sooo fucking goooooood

Samonsz says:

EA are gonna make so much money.

maxihzb says:

if at the end she says “wait, the rebels are the good guys, fuck the emperor” i’ll burn down EA games.

suhayl patel says:

suck my 10 inched dick

TruthRevolutionNet says:

*Why the lead has to be a female ? i have nothing against that but i mean does men lead are still a thing in the age of feminism and politicaly correct ? I Hope they will have an option at the start of the game to choose beetween a man or a woman main character .*

Roman Draco says:

I wish someday a game is made about the old force wars for console. Kinda getting tired of made up stories during the Empire era. I mean, the old era is actually pretty cool. There’s sith lords that can make soul-devouring monsters and jedi that can open up space portal’s. Don’t get me wrong, the Force Awakens was awesome but can we expand on this?

Sukhjeet Singh says:

whats the name of that scooby doo song at the end of the video?

Randie Strouse says:

“The untold story”

Every single author/programmer/designer/artist who contributed to the EU over the past ~40 years is collectively rolling their eyes.

Pickwick says:

A female and/or brown main character went from being a normal thing to a “If we dont have at least one of them we will get liberal scum bitching about it not being political correct” thing.


im all so a one of a kind rebel pilot. but that campaign looks awsome!!!

luciadepaz123 says:

poor x-wings

Grinch 75R says:

i love the scout stormtropper armor

Matthew Sears says:

Nothing beats OG Battlefront 2…

UrpingOtter says:


Although I like the game, and it looks fun, I believe that scene is from the movies. Ahem..this is awkward.

ImpactTheGamer says:

What’s the song in the end credits?! I like it more than the trailer!

Kevin Broderick says:

The campaign’s more interesting that the last one

Matthew Cox says:


Eldritch Speaker says:

Hey look; Gaylo Ren.

Swag Turtle says:


smod says:

better not have all those stupid coins, the same people got the heros and vehicles everytime
other than that HOLY SHIT ITS DARTH MAUL!!!!!11!!!!1!1

Production Animan says:

0:29 Right side top *Mon Calamari star Cruiser* What the Hell doing in Imperial fleet?!

Beer Charger says:

these games look so real now days

Cummoson XP says:

Ab welchem Alter wird Star Wars Battlefront sein

Jordick 69 says:

I’m sold !

(pls don’t let it fail like the previous Battlefront did)

Coolmaster 1227 says:

im really hoping this will succeed in what battlefront 3 did not

Archie Craven says:

consider this game pr ordered

loleinlol says:

We need a Rogue Squadron 4

Geometry Dash Galluxi says:

Star Wars Battlefront 4*

Da_Hero_of _Time 75 says:

Where da heck is Mace Windu

skitz :] says:

This looks like a movie wtf
But Engine Footage… When the game would look like this, epicness ^9000

Hiral Patel says:

Forcing a female lead down the throat….How long will this continue ??? Pls give us option to select male or female lead

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