Skin Deep announcement trailer

Skin Deep is an immersive first-person shooter. We got sneezing. We got things getting stuck in your feet. Stalk through a vast non-linear starship and sneak, subvert, and sabotage to survive in this stellar sandbox.

You’re outnumbered, outgunned, and have no shoes. Welcome to Skin Deep!


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coffeehauz says:

oh hell yeah sneeze meter

SteelRaven7 says:

A procedurally(?) generated spaceship sneak ’em up? YES!!!

Joachim Lothrik says:


Zed Gonzalez says:

One word: YAY!

TheHappyFriar says:

Looks like you’re using the Doom 3 engine again, am I right?

Fearless Warrior says:

I fucking love your games!

Taaank CPC says:

Looks better than any Call of Duty game.

Space Game Junkie says:

Well this looks fantastic!

argonaut says:

no FUCKING way

SHINNOK7 says:

A new stealth game? Yesss!

ratboys says:

A GAME WORTH PLAYING?!?! Oh my god finally…

Gramstaal says:

Looking good. Excited to hear more about it.

Jorge Makhor says:

*sneeze meter*
This is truly gonna be the most inmersive game of our generation, huh? (The game looks great so far, btw!)

Squidmouth says:

if you rearrange the words Skin Deep into Deep Skin that’s woah deep

Juan Milanese says:

nice! loved your other games!

Jörn Hagen says:

Wowhoooo, was that sneeze? Brilliant, all of it

Chesterfield says:

Feels like you took the Big Rigs ad a little too seriously.

Derek Lieu says:

I’m so ready for a Blendo Games FPS full of the things Blendo Games likes about FPSs.

Kai Werder says:

silly stealth :thumbsup

Freuderthreep says:

The great thing about Blendo Games games is that they’re things that you’ve never known you’ve wanted until you hear about them. Then you’re feverishly rocking back and forth in a corner of your room, praying for the next Blendo fix to come out.

KoeSeer says:

so, glass in space are easily broken by pistol shot?

NOLNV says:

Thank you, this looks amazing!

zeepster says:

Come on, nobody sneezes that loud 😛 Are there allergy pills?

Ryan Stevens says:

i want it now

Ruzgar Liahnyn says:


Viscupelo says:

That sneeze is liable to kill someone, let alone get someone killed.

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