Shenmue – Combat and Mini Games Trailer

Join Corey Marshall, the English-version voice actor of Ryo Hazuki, for this presentation on the mini games and combat of the game series.

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Adam Shalashaska says:

This is good for Nostalgia but honestly the Yakuza series does all of this better. Sorry Shenmue you were once one of my Fave games but the Yakuza Series is just so much better in every way

Its Z3LUS says:

Wow, you can really see the influence this game had on Ryu Ga Gotoku’s conception. Looks great.

Cross says:

How could u leave out lucky hit!?!?????!!

Doug Kelly says:


Roger Haugedal says:

bet some shenmuehipsterdouchebags gonna comment that some japanese guy is the real voice of ryu, so fuck you in advance!

Luis says:

LOL stop saying JUJITSU… isnt RYO fighting style KARATE ?

Blackarrot says:

I remember the 100 vs 1 fight at the end of Shenmue 1 was pretty sweet

Peter Mun says:

still rockin those old school graphics

Doctor Claw says:

Bought it last week on OG Xbox (Disc) – is it that good?

robmanification says:

So those images are the remastered version?

AlexanderArts says:

Huber hyyyppe!~

Thomas Lien says:


EST84x says:

But what about the four Wude? Ahh..these stupid games can’t come back soon enough.

Electronic Wave TV says:

I really got pick up Shenmue 2..

SuperDeansWorld says:

Anyone most excited about spending all of their money On The capsule machines? Haha

dash1141 says:

Christ, Corey’s voice hasn’t changed

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