Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – Official Trailer

“What will I become?” Lara Croft returns in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, this September.

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Henrik Nilsson says:


Mustaneer Ahmed says:

so when they r gonna show us a little bit of gameplay coz im getting curious to see the actual gameplay footage

suicide bed says:

Wow, another shitty game in-coming, can’t wait to do exactly the same as in the reboot!!

Elijah Daniel says:

rise of the tomb raider was epic. cannot wait for this

Makk 84 says:

Hm. more like .. Shadow of snoop dogg. that long as face doe

Johan Engström says:

It’s a bad sign that CD isn’t the main developer on this… :O

Shahin 75PF says:


Rafaella V says:

Apocalypto gameplay?Count me in

Zahraa Najim says:

Her face needs to be redesigned before launch. She looks like a dog

Mood says:

i really dont like it, i miss the old tomb raider

Taras Sow says:

Почему Лара то такая страшная? Хватит к феминистам уже прислушиваться!

Kelsey Welch says:

Out of all the different phases Lara’s face has gone through, I have to say this is my least favorite. I’m sorry but they better fix that. Lara looked so good in the second game, I’m so disappointed right now.

Максим Вечканов says:

Лара – жируха, зачем??

Manuel Rodriguez says:


Tortue-Ninja290 says:

I think it’s stupid and irrelevant to put an annoying publicity in front of this publicity. Who do you take us for?

juiCEMAnia419 says:

Can’t fn wait

Logan Holt says:

hope for AMD optimization

jayyTeęe s says:

I prefer classic tomb raider, not a fan of this new vibe, it feels more like an uncharted game plus I’m getting sick of the cliche “everything is damaged and dark and dirty and gritty” trope that’s being used in pretty much everything that claims to be “different” nowadays, don’t get me wrong it looks like a cool game but nothing game changing and that wouldn’t hurt tbh

Артем Скраф says:

boring ugly crap as previous two shittygames. CD – STOP! SE – F CD off to the hole they are belong!

GameSpot says:

What do you think of Lara’s latest outing?

Nacht Baron says:

da bekomme ich aber einen dicken !

Lala Lala says:


Bɪʌɴςʌ says:

The Sequel of Apocalypto!! Yaaas!!

Wait.. ahh, no…

Rowen McIver Hires says:

im shitting myself in excitement

J &S says:

Mayas…. Hmnmmmmphhhhh

W0pper says:

Ohhhh please give Lara back her original look with the tank top and that shorts

Beatriz Vera says:

Wowwoow Awesome! This is going to be big 😀

Άρης Βουγαδιώτης says:

I can’t understand why she’s still asking her self in every game “what she has become“ …

Oh My God | Shinje Scraw says:

ta brabo

Max payne3 says:

ahaan OSM…

Frustrated Cartoons says:

Time travel?

Mr. Cherny says:


Sorn kpop says:

apocalipto movie bruh. But seriously my lara is so beautiful why is she looking so…..wierd why did they made her unatractive.

Denis K says:

So….will this tomb raider have got this graphic??

mitch-bittens says:

Why do they keep changing her face? Just fucking pick one…

View My Channel Art says:

$60 for what will be another 10 hours of gameplay/story… No. I didn’t bust off my ass of in college to make $90/hr (pre-tax) so I could waste it on a game that costs *$6/hr* when I could rent it for *$2/day.*

I want Witcher 3 quality and length for $60 or you’re going straight into the rental bin.

criss dmc says:

tomb raider 2013 is still the best character design

Cameron Bell says:

Finally no snow , some forests and stuff (^ ^)/

2jzandy s says:

Such a great series

Misael Suarez says:

Oh the game looks awesome

Turretguy says:

She’s come a long way since that first kill

King Khan says:


# DEBAYAN says:

May be some copy of the movie apocalypse

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