SCORN Gameplay Trailer (2017) New Horror Game PS4/Xbox One/PC

SCORN Gameplay Trailer (2017) New Horror Game PS4/Xbox One/PC

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MKIceAndFire says:

Finally new footage of Scorn, what do you guys think? 🙂

The Kickstarter –

random dood says:

The story is gonna be that some dude shrunk down to the size of a sperm and went exploring his girlfriend’s vagina. You’re welcome.

Boz z says:

Alien the game but it ain’t actually alien

Yesn's Games says:


Vic Flange II says:

Inspired by the artwork of H. R. Geiger no doubt. Reminds me a little of David Cronenberg’s ‘eXistenZ’ (1999) too.

Tamás Zahola says:

A game by H R Giger?

NownS says:

OMG, Get my money and give me this art ! Meu irmão, essa atmosfera TOP e essas artes de armas <3

sapsandosochi says:

ебать это чо

MrKongong says:

looks like organic Doom…

Lord Raptor says:

Ok so, why isn’t their a new Contra being made again? seriously…

Lucas Santos says:

Will it have a multiplayer?

Peter Terra The Hindu Communist says:

it looks like fault tec did some crazy sh*t in a fault

Normallyboring says:

9/10 couple of little things, why does the “bio-gun” have to be a gun?? Like Ka-pow* this is H. R. Giger why no have it spit a spine/bone dart? Or jizz acid? Or spawn little insects to eat the enemy or fuck anything other than just another shooting game! You guys have done an amazing job crafting the world so far don’t stop now keep thinking outside the box don’t make it just another game make it a masterpiece!

Turtle S3x says:

Basically, Doom with less action and more horror. Still looks like a good game tho.

Beaulogs says:

I never want to reload in this game!

Luka Hays says:

This looks incredible. My only complaint is that the guns despite their bizarre appearance function too much like regular guns for my taste. I was expecting them to be biological in function as in shooting spores or acid or something, not just a reskinned shotgun.

Darker says:

Everything’s pussy

Ioan Jordan says:

Doom meets the mission ‘cortana’ from halo 3

Anthony Ojeda says:

Is this game coming out for Xbox one

Daniel Olowu says:

Funny, I feel like I could go for some pasta and tomato meatball sauce right now.

Birgir Matras says:

The artists must have had fun on this one


SOMA in steroids

Vyts Vals says:

im god of war. this video creators work for mafia

ömür galip cansız says:

its not horror .. its just disgusting

Johan Limon Estrada says:


tiranno dax says:

best game i ve ever seen! i mean , just the map ! the fact that the game is so authentic in his portraying of giger art makes this game beyond Every other horror game. i am alredy convinced that this is the best horror game ever made , and for my standards it is the best looking game that i ever seen. i really hope that the art director , the producer and everyone on their team is proud of himself and of the game cause the trailer made me cry and i think even giger would be so happy and exited , We finally are ,thanks to You , capable of seeing this new terrifyng and prigressiv dimension…

valerka57 says:

Жуть-то какая. Хотеть! 🙂

Robert Perez says:

this trailer make it seems like this is a walking simulator with nasty guns. Aka, boring as fuckkkkkkkkk

Galejro says:

… So this is what Dead Space would look like if Giger made it.

Gould Mears says:

I really like the artistry of the game, but the interface kind of pulls you out of the world by being so I guess “inorganic”. I understand their need and function, but I would change them to something less clean like opaque prominent veins or trickles of blood. Something more in keeping with the rest of what you’ve released so far of the game. Also might want to slow the game down just a tad as well. This makes it feel less like you are playing just any FPS with weird skins, but you are in the world. Soma has some interesting ideas, though they took their’s in a very different direction.

Anyway keep up the good work and I hope to see the game soon.

Charles Chandra says:

Amazing FPS game!

Dionis616 says:

Weapons and enemy – Existenz, world – H.R. Giger, do you have an idea?

UnclePiggy says:

Ever wanted the Alien franchise to meet with Doom? No? Well here it is! Also it’s great that walking on the hard floor sounds the same as walking on the organic matter, I was really getting sick of variety and attention to detail.

spardathedevil says:

Cronenberg Doom

Nathan Tse says:

Very H.R Giger, I like it

Fabrizio Sambo says:

someone said Cronenberg’s Existenz?

R says:

this and mhw gem of 2018

Kid A 1962 says:


Frozen gamer says:

Release date

StarFightLight 9 says:

Looks about as scary as the gears of war 4 campaign

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