Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #2

The all-new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive. Coming Spring 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems.


Darren Jones says:

“Always Dutch” gave me the chills

Ballisticpineapple S says:

How many people can you play as

Henri Paananen says:

I need it NOW DAMN IT

Camren Jeffery says:

Too many hot people in this trailer, 1/10 not relatable

rich forever says:

Do any of y’all have my back?

فهد الفيفي says:

My rifle is ready for some hunting

Kevin Jones says:

I think the guy at 0:15 is a younger version of Uncle

Johnny Jr says:


Mahmut Fidan says:

Please Grand Theft Auto six please

Don Music says:

Dutch is here my friends.

Gott Mit Uns says:

put it on the pc

Ana Silva says:

Que jogão bonito hein

Hamilton Jùnior says:

beautiful game in full hd

Jaja Dick says:


Joel Chavez says:

Game delayed until 2019

BigLeftToe says:


dan_gerous87 says:


See if anybody gets the reference…

HOLYFEAR96 says:

I’m throwing my wallet at the screen.

StormRider2 says:

Long wait it’s been the first one was good but damn the second one is on another level. All the attention to detail and characters look amazing really am looking forward to this masterpiece. Hopefully another one of my favourite rockstar games exists Bully 2.

Kid Buu says:

So i guess nobody is going to talk about if this game is gonna have 1st person

RembrandtXIV says:

I cannot get tired of watching this over and over again

ali says:

Why do we have to to download xbox ones games we get on a disc! It really pmo like whats the point of a disc then it just takes up more memory ?!?

Valdus Drake says:

you know gaming companies need to stop focusing on the same thing like the world wars and the future they should do wars similar to this time period and a little farther ahead

Osvaldo Castanon says:

Rockstar is like the HBO version of the video game industry.

KMS2K says:

0:58 Pat from Super Best Friends makes a guest appearance XD

VeReX says:


Pro gamer 89 says:

Rockstar fate schifo avete tolto un aerio su gta5 ho speso 20 euro per quel aerio

MyUnoriginalUsername says:

Will the lazer and hydra be added in?

David Cioccio says:

can someone just please give Morgan his money already?

Mr Gasmask says:

So, what are the microtransactions gonna be in this game?

Webbie says:

crappy lip sync. reminds me of mass effect andromeda

Average Joe Reviews says:


Lex Soto says:


David Cioccio says:

anybody remember Gun?

RadenMT says:

if its good as the last one im getting an xbox one just for this game

lViniciusLp LP says:

1:03 Mr. John Marston younger

John Dough says:

dear rockstar can you please make a video game where we can infiltrate north korea and topple the north korean regime that would be awesome to play

Hysay Series says:

Ебать графон. Ну нахер, мой комп не потянет



Diego de la Vega says:

‘Game of the Year’ Award.

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