Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

Captured entirely from in-game footage, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay in 4K.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming October 26, 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. Pre-order now at


NordMannen says:

I still don’t know if I am most hyped for this or smash Bros ultimate.

dshew89 D says:

who is this stupid sounding narrator? STFU woman.

Adam Walker says:

Holey hell it’s on preordered day and October cat come fast enough. So to quote green day “wake me up when September ends”

A.J Thomas says:

Will the game featured more Native American tribes then the last one? :/

Anonymous Omniscience says:

They might sell a few copies of this game.

Jacob Evans says:

1:10 horse balls

Austin A says:

Rockstar is the best game company to ever exist

Alejandro Espejel L. says:


BlemBoyFromTheSix says:

Do you think this will run better on ps4 pro or Xbox one x ?

MichaelAlford1000 says:

I cant wait

John Scavo says:

Wait till they ruin it like gta 5 with flying horses and armored carriages

Pe Peroni says:

Wow…when you come to a certain age you sort of stop hetting exited about new games…the last time i was this exited for a game was when GTA5 came out. I guess i need an XboxOne or a PS4…which one is better by the way?

mark williams says:

Can’t wait! 🙂

Queef Micester says:

……eh, having to maintain your horse, track animals and actually carry carcuses as opposed to “pelts” like you did in the last game sounds more like work than gameplay.

nobody survives even one bit says:

I think I will be a savage outlaw in this. she said everything has consequnces. I kill everyone who gets in my way.

Robert Merkerson says:

I really like this one

RAGE says:

when is the next trailer ??

Arthur Morgan says:

Howdy ya’ll!

Sean Brown says:

Will there be online play?

The_chairsofter_next_door ._. says:

Is there an online mode?

0peanutman0 says:

Is there a zombie mode?

Dick Chappy says:

Out for the PC, NEVER

Aaron North says:

Roses are red
Nothing comes on par
You cannot live without

Jacob Henderson says:

Looks like it could be one of the greatest games of all time!

「Kumagawa」 says:

I hope they don’t ruin it because of online.

Margarito Tobias says:

Won’t be long before they come out with flying chrome horses with homing missiles

Alt Right Bones says:

An Interracial gang in the old West? Fake news.

José Germán Espinal Hernández says:

I guess it was a beta, I can not wait for the PC version.

Sweet Marsh says:

I hope it comes to PC some time in the future. PC master race

Sebtunseb ツ El zorro con traje says:

Django 2 looks pretty good

Branko Djordjevic says:

Release it on pc twice more money than consoles better sales.But if we wait few month or year everyone gonna forget it

Setro says:

Can’t wait till it drops on PC. If ever.

Denis says:

My heart grew when I saw Jack with his boy and Abigail enjoying themselves next to the fire

TheAK47striker says:

i’m a bit concerned because of the lack of blood during the shootouts. hope that changes in the final game.

SDT says:


meet glory says:

Rockstar please release bully 2 trailer

Mr.nightfall gaming says:

I wonder if there is cheats

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