Ready Or Not – Official Gameplay Trailer

Watch the new Ready Or Not gameplay + pre-order trailer which explores the features and themes that create VOID’S ‘Ready or Not’.


Ryan Mecum says:

All these fancy mechanics are either going to be exploited,never used or not work properly

Rubafix989 says:


MrFRDW says:

will it be on steam?

Smuggie says:

All you had to say is that we can beat School children

Nebo says:

i was out at 0:28 when the guy behing the sheild goes in without aiming at anything lol just talking a walk in there… than at 2:33 the dude barely open the door… stay right in the middle of the door i mean not even using the wall as cover…. he stay right in the middle of that door frame like wtf? this is suposed to be tactical ?

kvh says:

Ubi down grade

AP says:

I like the Russian way of gassing the entire cinema.

Benjamin Franklin says:

It does look good… but, it needs more polishing.

Piddel says:

Oh my god I’m so hyped for the cmapaign and the workshop now!

Tom Delonge says:

Give the game 10/10

Captain Bongwater says:

The real question is: *How accurately can I recreate Columbine?*

Endilecio says:

O man… this reminds me of swat 3 and 4.

Colby Butler says:

If I can’t throw flash bangs into baby cribs, serve no-knock warrants on the wrong people and murder them in their homes, calmly plead with angry white dudes to drop their weapons while murdering unarmed brown people holding only a toothbrush, then I’m not interested in this fantasy nonsense. I require “gritty realism”.

Lithian says:

So its kinda like R6S, but a knockoff version.

FreakyFred says:

Seeing as r6 siege completely gave up on its terrorist hunt mode this actually looks really good

Adrián OM says:


SpadeCat18 says:

Bad graphics AI r6 siege

Delta ツ says:

Comments are all: wow this is like siege (the “wanna-be” tactical players) or wow this is like swat 4 (the OGs)

Julian Santiago says:

What systems will it be for?

RICKO 17 says:

”That’s what you get for searching loli pics”

TommY PUFF says:

not bad 6/10

CorkScrewDood says:

A really cool feature i want to see is incapacitating a suspect by shooting them in the legs or arm disabling their fire power or movement.

MkALPHA says:

It reminds me of F.E.A.R. 2 when they’re sitting in the truck

mw3gamerdude01 says:

I’ve been waiting so long for this

WoLfL3gend says:

Thank you youtube recommendations

Michelle Stypayhorlikson says:

Stop copying R6.

Indo Wrangler says:

Look at the bottom left corner
Dude almost shot his foot at 6:05

Skyion says:

Finally after 3 years

Delano Santiago says:

They breach a door and flash a room with no one in it, but charge into the next one?

Bożydar Trzcina says:

can’t wait

Sovereign Ruler Doomward says:

Kinda looks tuff ngl hope it’s good

Daniel Castle says:

This would be lit on ps4

Andrei Domantay says:

So basically its rainbow six seige without operator abilities

Giga Yupiel says:

The music reminds me of resident evil for some reason.

kw Gibb says:


Czarny89LBN says:

I hope this will be just like good old SWAT4.

charlie wolff says:

Will this be on Xbox

IratePirate says:


Esequiel Trindade says:

Swat 4- EP 2

Luck Affe says:

Isnt it Rainbow Six Siege 2 ?

Tecktorious says:

Rainbow six siege omg

Tigercup says:

SWAT 4 meets R6 Siege.

That’ll do, pig, that’ll do.

Physical Manifestation of Cancer says:

*forgets to go incognito mode

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