PS4 Playstation Plus Games September 2018 Trailer DESTINY 2 And GOD OF WAR 3 Remastered

PS4 Playstation Plus Games September 2018 Trailer DESTINY 2 And GOD OF WAR 3 Remastered

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kurt gatt says:

Thank you playstation plus this is just what i want it but i got the god of war 3 but i will get destiny 2

Orel Abudi says:

When will god of war will be free????

Dead Ass Meme says:

I think I just came.

Brooklynboy 717 says:

To bad I have both of these games

G1 Dinobot Grimlock says:

Soon I will buy PS4

VulturePilot says:

Destiny 2 has been $5 at stores for months now so this isn’t a huge surprise. God of War 3 is a nice treat though

Paul Maltar says:

Nice i just bought GoW :p

They're Always Watching Me says:

lol still not getting destiny

Mr Irrelevant says:

Are they trying to build the Destiny 2 fanbase back up? I guess Bungie/Activision must have some say on whether a game goes on ps-plus.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi says:

Whelp. Destiny 2 seems fun buttt it has DLC contents and very grindy

GOW3 is the worthier download

Spk19992003 Ling mei says:

Ever got to finish destiny my disk broke really glad I can finish it now

Clownman says:

Gonna download destiny 2 to see what the hate is all about, not gonna cost me anything

Games Legend says:

Games this year is amazing, I wonder what games will be released in 2019/2020 and more

Tick Tac Boom says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Poor Destiny, guess all I need to do is buy the season pass or some shit so I can play forsaken xD

Khalid Almutairi says:


42RoGAMER says:

I think this will be best month ever on ps4.



ross moss says:

This sucks.

Ed Kazarajy says:

to people who played Destiny 2: is the game worth trying or is it a pay to win like Battlefront 2 ?

The Dude says:

Good move from bungie!!!
With Forsaken coming out!!

Musa Shahada says:

Really all this time I wanted god of war three the second I lose my ps plus membership it come out for free if you a a membership

TDItaly98 says:

This is a GREAT month!

Xander Wilkins says:

To bad I already bought both games

Otis Williams says:

My prediction was right on that GOD 3 remastered. Oh the mighty has fallen for Destiny 2 lol.

Ghost 069 says:


Ivan Avendano says:

LMAO at Destiny 2 being a PS plus game not even a year after it was released.

Josh D says:

Lmfao I was just about to buy destiny 2 at GameStop

جيمر pro br says:

Tooopp tooooop topppppp

JDauntless The Protagonist Gamer says:

Who the heck doesn’t have God of War 3 yet, and Destiny 2… GREAT, we’ll just have to buy season pass, after season pass. GTFOH, Sony PlayStation.

Keshawn Shaw says:

Yeah but i already have the new god of war and i do wanna try destiny 2 since i haven’t played any destiny games before

Kevin Najera says:

what’s funny is that a triple A game like Destiny 2 is free or $10 in some stores says A LOT about the game and i’m definitely downloading GOW 3

BWGgy says:

Cool, was never gonna buy it otherwise.

awesomejf03 says:

But I just bought both of them

mohammad normand says:

RIP xbox live

Navstaa 321 says:

Ive never played a destiny game or god of war game, it’ll be good to try these out

Marco Robert Glavan says:

Best month ever

shakur steadman says:

glad destiny is their i sold it

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