PlayStation Classic | Games Reveal Trailer

Discover which 20 games are preloaded on PlayStation Classic – launching 3 December.
Find out more about the miniature console, including where to pre-order here:


appiusssss says:

Gran Turismo is the best selling game on PS1 EVER (almost 11mln units sold) and is not there?!

electrojj says:

Donde esta Castlevania, Crash, spyro, Gran turismo, Medievil etc…? Quería comprarla pero con esa lista tan mala ahora no.

MyA Cm3d2 says:

medievil? crash? spyro? where? why playstation? why you did that

The Cosmic, Kidd says:

I atleast know why Symphony of the Night isnt here. But it makes me wonder.

In the trailer, they specifically used the word “predownloaded” which leads me to believe that there is the possibility of downloading more games, or trading in others for ones you want. That could be a real seller if that was the case!

MoonMario100 says:

No Crash – No Buy

Jorge ballesteros says:

100 euros por la play 1 y 20 juegos jajajajja si ya ni que fuera gilipollas

Mr Hiverty says:

Sony whats wrong with you? Where is Grand Tourismo 2, Driver 2, Resident Evil 2 , Twisted Metal 2(the best part), Lara Croft, Spiro, Crash, Dino Crisis e.t.c Only half of games are decent. PS1 was best console with best game library. When i heard 20 games i was, really PS1 have 100 of really great games, so i thought ok Sony will put 20 best of them. But now i’m not sure that i really want to buy this thing. half of them i will not even consider to play….

Bulljoker says:

yeah this sucks, i REALLY wanted this since the old PS1 are barelly working.. so NOT BUYING

Walther Sosa says:

Falta Crash Bandicoot 🙁

DaXzOr says:

I understand it’s probably tough to get all the licenses for these games (if they still exist, if they haven’t gone public domain yet), but from all the 20 games there’s only 5-6 I really care about. There’s so many important titles missing. Despite the Crash Remaster and soon Spyro coming out, I was still expecting them to be on here. No Crash Team Racing, for shame!

Could’ve had Ape Escape, Vib Ribbon, Carmageddon, Worms Armageddon, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

Should’ve gone for 40 games Sony.

Toucan says:

what about crash bandicoot and parappa the rapper and spyro

Gary Reid says:

Imagine calling this a classic and missing out iconic PS games like the original Tomb Raider, whoever picked these games should be embarrassed and ashamed, they must have been born in a different era when the PlayStation was released, either that or they are tone deaf and blind on what true classic games should be on this system.

Charlie Burnside says:

This is why I traded my playstation for an N64 back in the day!

LAOK242 says:

The Great: MGS, FF7, Abe’s Oddysee, Rayman, Tekken 3, RE, Twisted Metal
The Ok: GTA, R4, Battle Arena, Syphon Filter, Rainbow six, Wild Arms
The What?: Mr.Driller, Jumping Flash, Cool Boarders, Destruction Derby, Intelligent Cube, Super Puzzle Fighter…..

Where the hell are Crash, Spyro, MediEvil, Tenchu, Castlevania, Dino Crisis, Tomb Raider, Legacy of kain, WipeOut, Soul Blade, Silent Hill, GT… That console has some many pure diamonds, how did it end up like this…

Even more unexpected is the fact that the song’s awfulness managed to somewhat overshadow the disappointment of the list. In a morbid, twisted way, that is actually impresive.

20170217 ‌ says:

✓ Rayman
✓ Tekken

✗ Bust-A-Move
✗ Crash Bandicoot
✗ Croc
✗ Silent Hill
✗ Spyro
✗ Tomb Raider

Hmmm… Nah.

Also £90 for ~25 year-old games & hardware strength is pretty funny. Especially when you can emulate them for free on a PC *costing even less* nowadays. Very interesting pricing there.

MDKAI says:

A lot of these games are underrated. People need to stop the hate. Or just buy the games they want on PSN~

MrEvol94 says:

Ideal list 20 game list:

* Final Fantasy VII & VIII
* Crash 1,2,3
* Spyro 1,2,3
* Tony Hawk’s pro skater 2
* Metal Gear Solid
* Spiderman
* Ape Escape
* Tekken 3
* WipeOut
* Tomb Raider
* Destruction Derby
* Twisted Metal 1,2
* Resident Evil 2
* Xenogears

MR Doom says:

1 silent hill
2 castlevania symphony of the night
3 grand turismo
4 crash bandicoot
5 tomb raider
6 spyro
7 mega man x4
8 hercules
9 tarzan
10 contra ,
11 dino crisis ,
12 parappa the rapper
13 parasite eve
14 resident evil 2

Alec S says:

I’ll admit that they are missing some major hitters here, but honestly it’s not really as bad of a line up as people are making it seem. Odds are this console will be hackable anyways, chill

sdmayday says:

The selection of games is really questionable. Many iconic titles that people would love to play (again) are missing. Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, THPS, Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo and Silent Hill are only some of the titles that made the PS big, and those are missing. It does have some good games, but for this price it is definetely better buy a used console and a huge load of games in a bundle. Many good games are still very cheap, because they sold well during their time and often even got a second release because of the platinum series. A real console will also play real games and comes with Dual-Shock support.

I really had hoped to see a well balanced mix of great iconic games from all genres plus some of the games that are hardly affordable now, like Suikoden or SotN for example. That way the PS classic would be a lot more interesting for both casual players and collectors.

Samuel Green says:

No Vagrant Story, no buy :p

Brendan Munson says:

They should increase the games list to 30-50

Yuri Zahard says:

How is Symphony of the Night not on the list?

Soviet Gamer says:

Suikoden 2 and Syphon filter 2 would have been better

OnlyRealmatze says:

Sadly we didn’t get the way superior japanese Line-up

Silver Teede says:

Die Hard Trilogy, Grandia and Porsche Challange.None

Lord K says:

No Silent Hill? 🙁

Meh_Demon says:

Seems that people are disappointed… dont worry, someone (maybe you) will find a way to hack the ps classic, THEN its gonna be worth spending some money on it

Miguel Mercury says:

Twisted Metal is Back again we more action 🙂

Sam Suy says:

Unsatisfactory gamelist, Sony! No Crash, no GT, no Twisted Metal 2, no Quake!!! Terrible. I won’t buy this even for my collection. If Sony adds the opportunity to upload games (hack) I will buy it…but never if they don’t.

Лопа Хола says:

vighilent 8 (cars)
panzer front (tanks)
steel reigh (tanks)
ace combat (jets)
nuclear strike (helicopters)
black dawn (helicopters)
digimon world 3

soulripper31 says:

What a trash console.

Drunken Grunt says:

I wonder when Sony will realize that they are completely missing a cash cow with Tenchu here…

Kainz K. says:

It has decent games and a few hidden gems, but in many cases they failed to choose superior sequels, like Persona 2, Resident Evil 2, GTA2, etc. Plus, I assume many classic IPs are missing because they are currently selling remakes/ports elsewhere (Crash, Spyro, Castlevania,…) – though I wouldn’t know any excuses to not put Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, FF Tactics, etc. on there over other choices. SNES Mini was way better using its small window of 20 games for the most striking classics (with only a few omissions).

GekkiWaveS says:

Where the Hell is GRAN TURISMO!

Juuza says:

Lot of dislikes sony, who would’ve thought eh

sllypper says:

I too want Castlevania, but there is a way better version on the PSP release of Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles that can’t be ignored. It’s bad to rerelease a worse version

DAVMAN _ says:

Everybody have cancelled the pre-order???, Sony has lost the opportunity to make a lot money. The manager of this decission is not going to sleep tonight, tomorrow a boss of Sony will be waiting in his office.


spyro….?? crash…???? *DINO CRISIS…..???. ANY OF THOSE????*

Charlie Burnside says:

Mostly a bargain bin list of games!

omgwtfbbq says:

So disappointed in the line-up. So many good games on the console, yet we only get a few…

Gary Reid says:

Cancelled my pre order, what a horrific line up of games apart from FF and MGS which i already have physical copies.

The SNES classic pisses all over this from a massive height,.disappointed but not surprised by Sony.

Ty6opk says:

This is disgusting

Failtality says:

No croc, Tomb Raider, dino crisis 1 & 2, alundra 2, c&c… No dualshok and discs compatible. This dissapoints me :c

weed hunter says:

Where is Frontschweine?

Seifer Almasy says:

Where Dino Crisis 1-2??? Bitches…

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