PLAYSTATION 4 2018 Games Preview Trailer PS4

PLAYSTATION 4 2018 Games Preview Trailer PS4

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Shehryar says:

2018 is The year for ps4!!!

DuKiP says:

Song name?

iPro x Benz says:

Felicidades por el millon de suscriptores saludos desde mexico

FelixBlue4 says:


mysoj khaled says:


jimppa00 says:

days gone and Last of us 2 should be here

Francisco Mancilla says:

Good Job on getting to 1M MKIceAndFire (again)!!! Keep up the good work.

The Ninja says:

Yeah Am ready
MKIAF ❤❤❤❤

gamer ali hasan hosaen rda over game new says:

Games xbox one

Lust for Awesomeness says:

Poor xbox girls

demian ulepic says:

Happy one mill MK (Finally)

Brandon Lee Dobson says:

I am so excited for the new spiderman game for the PS4.

Msn 047 says:

Days gone ?

fahad alsyari says:

What date com

BradisHere says:

E3 2018 anyone rooting on MK11 teaser trailer or to be announced?

M471 says:


Jayson says:

Shit like this makes me regret buying an xbox.

Migos Culture says:


Rahman Game says:

2018? ARE YOU READY!??
Im ready for LAST OF US PART2

Nero BeatS says:

No monster hunter?

Jjuan King says:

Your videos are awesome. Keep up the great work

GAMEPLAY Life says:

the best

TimoPlays says:

Honestly I’m excited asf,what does Xbox have…I love both consoles and play more Xbox but we don’t have much,hoping we get 3 new titles this year

13j Jonathan says:

Dope chit coming ladies and gents.and happy new every one.

Jonathan Jones says:

There are three things I wanted to say: 1,This year is a good year to be a PlayStation play this year is a good year to be a PlayStation player. I’m gonna send a shout out to MK fire and ice on my broadcast to assassins creed origins. And to how come share factory doesn’t have an epic music like this trailer

Adam .m says:

Esgetitttttt one mill

joaquin sebastian torres neira says:

Song name ?

MCG Games says:

When is Detroit coming out?

Otoshigami says:

Why was this made in portrait for Smartphones?

Francisco Mancilla says:

Awwwww I wish the new Spider-Man game would be playable for Xbox One, not just PlayStation 4. This game would go down in history. I’ll just watch this gameplay at this youtube channel.

BlueKnight says:

1 Million Subscribers… WOOOOOOOO

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