NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #6

NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 Weekly #6 | Apex Legends, Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, Chernobylite, Metro Exodus, Anthem, Mortal Kombat 11, Days Gone, World War Z,

0:00 Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

1:07 Chernobylite

2:01 Metro Exodus

5:58 Anthem

7:06 Mortal Kombat 11

9:31 Days Gone

11:44 Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

12:27 World War Z

13:19 Apex Legends

14:55 Monster Hunter World


Mindaugas Kaminskas says:

Zombie survival shooting royale games, nothing more. Boring and repetitive.

ToasterAlley says:


Jon dow says:

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Kitterll Singleton says:

Really stupid

Balkan Alchemist says:

All this trailers are the same. They are forcing the mind to create a post apocalyptic future. Demons are in the game developers. Luckily a million gamers together has a weaker reality creation potential than me. So I can laugh at your face how weak losers you are and I can crash the whole demonic plan by myself. I laugh at your face….weaklings! 🙂

Mr. Thirsty Water says:


Best Movie Clips says:

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Sam Valentine says:



Из этого я сделал вывод матрёшка пиздец опасная хуйня

Argie Cooler says:


Mikiu says:

Zajwbista będzie ta gra

Erik Gonzales says:

Sekiro gonna be the best out of em all

narutoninja ninja says:

kii jogo lokooo da pohaa ki grafico fudido surreal hem , kero jogar ihraa esse vai ser loko

Neon Eclipse says:

sad most of these games will be shit

chicoputoloco says:

New shooter game trailers is what this video is about. Wouldn’t spend a minute on any of them.

hide ureshi says:


John connor says:

I’m tired of zombies apocalyptic games smh none of them excite me. I prefer Rockstar games.

switch Josue says:

Único que habla español

Hosen Ebrahem says:


FakeFor Your says:

1:28 what song ?

[ez]world_ shaket says:

Anthem and apex legend totally insane…

Nasmera Nasmera says:

every new games will Xbox one x enhanced

Sherrie Williams says:

these games need help

12Monkeysable says:

Will i get a key for my cell in the soul asylum as well, if i pre-order mortal combat?!?! What a game for complete retarded ones!

Marlon Lalrempuia says:

Metro exodus is so deep

hisoka orochimaru says:

Wohohoho…. CTR IS BACK YO..

Malachi Mclaughlin says:

Days gone is just a modern left 4 dead

Tim A says:


Cheang Sangma says:

wow!! it chilled my spine they should start making horror films

Justin V. says:

Next up Monster Hunter x Pokemon!

Mikaele Daniel says:

Apex Legends looks fun

ultra xxx says:

I dont like how the games today are violent today, where are the super mario and sonic gone?

Sveno V says:

did I see like 3 zombie games? are people not getting tired of this goddamn bullshit?
the only thing that amazes me is Monster Hunter World and MK 11.

Reckoning Redemption says:

Wilhelm @ 3:45

Lomax Games says:

The same games that were the last year, No more “wow” moments in modern games, they look all the same. Mortal Kombat 11? The same as X and 9. Cherno.something its like Stalker or Metro. Metro is almost the same as previous parts. Games have reached the point where theres nowhere else to go and half of genres are dead – like adventure games, jrpg, strategy games, because you had to think in those games. Now I see only shooters-no brainers where theres no puzzles or switches or anything that could make you use your brain. You walk, you shoot, than you walk again until the end of a game. My second thought – what the fuck is wrong with exclusives? NES – over 250 exclusive games, Genesis – over 100 exclusives, SNES – over 200 exclusives, PC DOS or Windows – over 1000 exclusives, PS1 – over 400 exclusives, Ps2 – over 400 exclusives, Xbox original – over 100 exclusives, Ps 4 – over 10-20 exclusives that worth your attention? Oh really? Xbox – over 10 exclusives? PC – almost no exclusives at all. My point is that with no exclusives, there s no more competition, and thats the main reason games became all the same

kenete zuzuki says:

1:24 what name of song?

Best Movie Clips says:

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Chris Hamilton says:

Not excited by Anthem to be honest.

matt beezy says:

I never really cared for metro but this looks pretty good

Samuel Arenas says:

That damm metro exodus trailer gave me goosebumps

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