NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #2

NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 Weekly #2 | Metro Exodus, Final Fantasy XV, Absolver, Black Desert, The Walking Dead, Witchfire, Hyper Jam, Dead or Alive 6, Destiny 2

0:00 Cinematic Scene Powered by NVIDIA RTX

4:07 Metro Exodus

6:22 Absolver

7:57 Final Fantasy XV

8:51 Black Desert

9:47 The Walking Dead: The Final Season

11:01 Witchfire

12:26 Hyper Jam

13:04 Blast Zone! Tournament

13:04 Dead or Alive 6

14:10 Destiny 2


Hacker says:

Game đầu tiền giống Ironman 3 val…lúc lắp bộ giáp..

wolvie45 says:

RTX barely works. RTX= PhysX 2.0

shadows 7114 says:

anyone else feel the feels at 10:55?

John Villarias says:

Suit up scene clearly came from iron Man

MrCjb1993 says:

The first one is a tech demo, not a game trailer…

Jeffrey Clement says:

Ladies and gentlemen Everything you just saw was if Iron man was an idiot. lol

Blood Wolf says:

didn’t absolver come out early 2018?

Justin g says:

Another “this isn’t just a movie, it’s all real time” dribble….. ffs

Benny Liang says:

Hmm witcherfire revolver animation reminds me of destiny handcannon animation

lexsilver ket says:

starcraft 2

Johnny Blaze says:

I thought anthem was a decent iron man Starcraft rip but DAAAAMN

Hunter2112004 VN says:

Leaked footage of Avengers Endgame

terrance leacock says:

Probably should learn for wolverine.

vortex assassins says:


J Choi says:

Much much much better than Nintendo Switch!! I am gonna switch to ps4 or xbox

Jose Saavedra says:

It looked like Iron Man trying to lift Thor’s hammer

Macaroni Matt says:

1st part isn’t a game. It’s a tech demo for the video driver

paul desfosses says:

4:01pm 19/0-1/2019 jan sat … algiers 28 alian ascendance… 204-891-9570 … 2-3rd week ovr 2 day’s … tuesday was first… 31 newyera monday eve … 7 day’s prior begins alia qascendanvcuy..

Moroccan Jalal says:

What is that scene on the thumb?

caspert says:

Watches metro trailer
Gets metro ad

skreamer_tork xx says:

All games here look so typical. Can someone here recommend me slme game that has a very unique gameplay and an excellent story mode?

Deathbygaming Og says:

Is this the best 2019 has to offer? Not impressed. Come on show us something different…its 2019!

Benny Liang says:

0:32 sc2 was way better.

Spoke too soon

Jamal. In Germany Jamie.Schmidt says:

1st game is so awesome. Name of it please!

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