MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries – MechCon 2018 Trailer

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Trailer for MechCon 2018 in Vancouver

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is set for release in 2019! For more information, head to


Marko Kos says:

This trailer looks really bad !.I have no idea who was making this trailer because it looks so bad !. I dont like the graphics and sound effects !.The annimations look so bad and cartoony !.The physics looks bad.Did they ever seen any Mechcommander 1 intro or Mechwarrior 2 or 3 !.This universe should look like Warhammer universe !.Dark and brutal !

Fredrick Furuvald says:

aah.. I wanna play mechwarrior 4 again. Does anyone know if there is a version of it that works well with modern systems with windows 10 etc?

Bogdan Toma says:

But this is a huge improvement over the game footage from one year ago. Those games were looking like they were from the year 2000.
Cities need more development, like in MWO.
Over here they look like an afterthought…”oh, lets put some buildings there to make people think there is a city”. Damn, that mentality is from the 90s mechwarrior games.
Today, you must make envirnoments like any modern shooter. A city must belike gta 5. You have many details you must construct if you want a proper feeling.

jk lauderdale says:

When this was first announced several years ago, Piranha Games President Russ Bullock confirmed that the game was “designed to support VR”.
Q: “also without getting into too much detail, would MW5 be supporting VR? I remember you liking it”
A: designed to do so

Is that still true? Because I would definitely buy into VR for this game. I built my new computer specifically for MW5 and Cyberpunk 2077 and can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂

Spiro Dra says:

Yep , at the very least they used 50-80% of MWO assets.

Irondrone4 says:

“Woah, what’s that badass one with the claws called?”

“The King Crab.”

“*Snrt*, what?”

Hellsmachinery says:

i love MW games but this trailer disappoints

Voddgreen says:

“Reactor.. online, sensors.. online, weapons online, … all systems nominal”

DiegoAlanTorres69 says:

All I want is a good singleplayer campaign.

Patrick Swayze says:

Can’t wait. I’ve drifted from MWO and I really need some single player Mechwarrior in my life. I want to change engines between missions, not between weeks of grinding lol.

Yaroslav says:

А где отличия от прошлой части?

Alex Eddy says:

The graphics don’t stun me, but as long as the gameplay is solid, weighty mech combat like we had in Mechwarrior 4 I’ll play it for days.

Also I am happy to see the return of inverse kinematics on the feet.

UnnaturalDeletion says:

I’m a fan from way back. Wow is this depressing. I really hope this is an early version.

ryvrdrgn16 says:

Looking good. I really like the guns. I agree with the other comments about foot prints, maybe some dust clouds or debris by the feet with each step depending on terrain. I don’t know if they can flatten the vegetation that mechs step on.

Péter Szabó says:

What mechs did we see so far?
King Crab, Cicada, Thunderbolt, Griffin, Stalker, Dragon, Hunchback, Victor maybe?
What is that at 1:54?

Tkr's Dreams says:

Use to play one of these games back in the 90’s. Loved it. Hope it’s good like the old games.

SpaceOrc says:

Please be good

Ivan Varnavsky says:

А че анимация движений то такая убогая? Про разрушения я вообще молчу. Подходил к концу 2018-й год…

Gmodism Total Nerdery Channel says:

I’m glad the graphics are not that good, makes me think that maybe more time was spent on gameplay, unlike our contemporary AAA games.

Jerry Bot says:

As a Canadian I have to admit that we have no idea what a piranha looks like, but we think it’s probably a mammal with horns.



Paul B says:

“You know how we showed destructible buildings in the MechWarrior Online launch trailer? We finally put in that feature, but you have to buy it as a new game.” Wonderful marketing strategy, if a little malicious.

Lawrence Redmacher says:

will it have ghost heat?

Marko Kos says:

I have no idea who was making this trailer, because it looks so bad , and unprofessional ! ….Ps.Although this game is going to be AWESOME !

RogerThat! says:

Looking good! Although, realistically you shouldn’t be able to smash though buildings like that without so much as slowing down. In universe, mechs CAN forcibly enter buildings, but it requires a considerable amount of effort, and some damage to self. foundations and structure of buildings overall at least be as strong as some smaller mechs

StormishBreeze says:

My only complaints are that all the Mechs lack a sense of WEIGHT to them, even the lights move around like they’re made of paper. Second, the building destruction is nice, but needs a little less smoky effect and more actual debris not just a new ground texture underneath. I need to have problems going through a building in lighter Mechs, not plowing through them and turning them to dust when I bump them.

squaresphere says:

not bad, but no preorder from me.

Bogdan Toma says:

You need to downsize the mechs. They are stupid high for their mass compared to similar values vehicles. Stop making them these huge walkers, because they are not. Make it feel real, and stop promoting the outdated ways.
Include melee damage, so you can bash your way through enemies and with real recoil and damage on components when doing that.
For example with an atlas you can stom on a 4wheeled light apc, but with a locust if you hit a heavy tank, you will break out mech.
Also, proper hitboxes. Some mechs have easy to hit heads like the madcat or the catapult. While a dragon has a huge ct, which should be able to carry more stuff, but vastly more exposed to damage
Legs should be easily crit as their armor is paper thin, no matter how false the numbers alocated are.
Get a vehicle of similar weight and armor and divite it into cubes. Then take the cubes to aproximate a humanoid shape. See how much larger you get, and how little armor legs really have.

Maroš Goč says:

it does not look good… the mechs feel wieghtless, they are too quick and the whole gameplay segment looks as if it was battle royale…. not good, definitely not

Random Task says:

Looks cool enough, trailer music seems a bit generic and forgettable though.

Magnets & Miracles Gaming says:

So many possibilities to improve on the old MW games – and not a single one picked up. Really disappointing to see this much wasted potential. Reminds me of most WH40k games.

TikiShootah says:

It still seems like its years behind in tech. the fires are 2d animated pixels (like we wouldn’t notice). the mech cockpit canopy is still just a painted on texture instead of transparent glass. Building debris is like 2005 game blocky. I think they need to give up the ghost and sell the IP. Great things can be done, but this isnt the company to do it.

YEDEE says:

Fingers crossed. Keeping an eye on this one.

Orca Brigade says:

Why didn’t they make mwo like this? Or update it to this point?

LoCaD says:

Has this become Hawken? Wasn’t BT Mechs supposed to be massive slow and lumbering? Times have changed for sure and again with the Inner Sphere trash Mechs. Please, just one more game from the Clan side of view. MW2 was so long ago. And now we have Mercs and Freebirths again.

Adler Malthus says:

Nice! Thanks PGI!

Goran A. says:

My kind of p0rn.

Evan Carlson says:

All I got to add is I hope the soundtrack kicks ass! I still the original OSTs from the MW2 trilogy and they (for me) make great listening music. The tracks from MW2 Mercs were my favorites.

culturalrebel says:

…wow, that guy in the Thunderbolt just does not *care*, huh?

Ethan Welner says:

This looks like its just the terrible mechwarrior online but stuffed into a rushed single player setting. Every environment had the same reused structures and barren layout and the developer, mech models, animations, and engine are literally the same as that 5 year old game.

Ziggy Johnson says:

*Five minutes before the panel* “Quickly! Re-use assets! Re-use assets!!!” “But sir, they won’t even be in the game!” “RE-USE ASSETS! WE NEED THAT TRAILER, STAT!”

Karon says:

Reminds somehow the closed beta of MWO, where the pace was much slower (damn I still have some post-NDA-lift videos somewhere). A shame MWO later bacame quake with robots..

chai xiong says:

Combat looks really fun, but the environment is pretty plain.

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