Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) New York City Open-World Trailer

A new look at some of the open-world sites recreated from real-life New York City and (and some that only exist in the Marvel universe).

Marvel’s Spider-Man – The Unofficial IGN Preview:

Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Gameplay Launch Trailer:

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jeff ghant says:

I haven’t played a spiderman game since 2002. This is going to be a big deal for me.

Brickster 000 says:

Spider Cop

Christof S says:

I will get this Game the First day!

imaad uddin says:


Little Light says:

Ohhh man this game HAS TO BEE GREAT , PLS BE PLS BE PLS BE. RDR2 style great!!!!

septillion2501 says:

My favorite superhero, on my favorite console, can it get any better?

Clifster says:

Whos Gonna Preorder it?

Nicholas Jimenez says:

We can really use a demo

yougrammer says:

Spiderman n RD2? Which worted to preorder?

Dquanus Fife says:

lol 1:55 to 1:57 perfect timing

Havoc says:

I swear… If they have peter porker…

klloyd plata says:

This is the Spider-man that everybody deserves because it also deserves a Game of the Year Award on Gamescom 2018

Luis Mickey says:

The music deserves an Oscar

v4dy says:

Ive read the news there is no night scene in this movie

Aubbyd Shafiq says:

everyone talking bout the avengers tower but no ones gonna talk about the sanctum Santorum??

Ang 3441 says:

0:41 omg that looks like the place where dr. Strange lives… like the symbol of the window looks similar


Who else got a spiderman ad?

Fred RiQue says:

Insomniac Games always trying to outdo themselves, they definitely outdid themselves.

Anonymous Avatar says:

Hello I will be giving away 2 free copies of spider-man for Xbox and one for PlayStation don’t miss out on your your chance TO WIN!!!!!

Keith Amos says:

I’ll only purchase it if you dont have to play as miles morales.

RennyRenster says:

*watching video*
Me: Ah, sadly they couldn’t get J.K. Simmons, I’m guessing.
Peter: Hey, this is Peter Paahhh-terson…
Me: WHAT?!
*types spiderman ps4 cast*
Me: Okay, Spider-Man is played by Yuri Lowenthal…
*types ben 10: alien force cast*
(i knew i recognized that voice!)

Gabriel Ribeiro says:


Stefanos Soteriou says:

*This is going to be epic.*

harold pedro says:

Strongly reminds me of batman arkham knight

casper sander says:

The graphics are FINE


0:42 Doctor Strange Building………………………….

JustPott says:

Wow that is almost

Amir dark says:

i want to play this game so baddd!!!

Chase B. says:

This trailer feels like a Call of Duty DLC trailer lol

That One Guy says:

1:37 miles ?

Niko Bellic says:

But will there be Pizza Delivery missions?

Anderson Mamani says:

1 Million Views! HYPE IS AMAZING!

Olaf Benjamin says:


(Pats Wallet)
Soon Boy

Spidy_2025 says:

Cannot wait for this game to come out!

MikeTheAmazing says:

If I buy the game on day 1 will it count as a pre order edition?

Marvel Magic says:

Disliked for the *13* second long unskippable ad. Not the game

klloyd plata says:

Taking selfies and helping the people around you is the most important and interesting to do in the game

Yannic Besten says:

Wauw! I Pre ordered the game a month ago and it will not be in fain.

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