Kingdom Hearts 3 AMAZON GAMES Trailer Analysis

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Door2Darkness says:

Wow, there was so much to unpack in this trailer, that you were able to dive right into all the detail so quickly is phenomenal. Thanks for the analysis, really cleared up a lot of things so we can be really HYPED about this trailer and the ugly keyblade

a K n says:

s h a f t e d

Bryce Hall says:

I love it.

msk97x says:

Amazon is trash for doing this. Everything they do now is for money. Just look at how they are affecting NYC by making an HQ there.

Nick Frost says:

great analysis dude! lmao

Daniel Tinsley says:

I still want the keyblade

Norepi says:

I prefer From Dusk till Dawn

Thanks Tarantino

BlueDragon992 says:

To say that Amazon botched their presentation would be an understatement…

Vader 14 says:

How Dean rants

Darth Bane says:

I can’t believe how much new stuff Amazon was generous enough to put in that trailer. And how about that keyblade! Dawn Till Dusk is amazing!!! Right guys!?


Mystic Neko says:

Best analysis 10/10 IGN

Fireprin says:

HOLD THE PHONE 2:35 THAT SCENE WITH BUZZ WASNT IN THE TOGETHER TRAILER see its neeeew they werent lying technically*

Icy Wind says:

Dawn till Dusk as in 7am till 11pm, 7-11’s namesake original store hours.

Read Wings of Fire says:

“In November of 2018, so a pretty long time ago”
Buddy.. Friend… My dude…..

Julian Dyer says:

Rise and grind gamers

Marilena Filippopoulou says:

Sorry for my comment but while I look at Soraalam1’s beard, I remember TheGamersjoint attempt to have one…

Christian Ramirez says:

7/11 is the best
Amazon not so much

Vincent Edenel says:

its must has been really really hard work to make this analysis lol, only a genius can pull this off, nice one

Adrian Emanuel says:

Dean won today

Firegem Gaming says:

I’m really just looking forward to using starlight because it could be its own key blade instead of a reskin of the kingdom key

steelfoot98 says:

Why anyone would want that butt ugly 7/11 keyblade is beyond me. Terrible pre-order incentive.

Jack D says:

love the title of the vid

Team DRC says:

Damn Dean, these analysis videos are the best I’ve EVER seen! You never cease to surprise me this is probably your best one yet hands down. Holy crap I’m excited! Hope you didn’t burn yourself out while doing research for this analysis video. Great job.

IAmKidAlpha says:

I stopped having sex with my girlfriend for this livestream… I blueballed myself and got blueballed by Amazon

kingdom key d23 says:


anime_gamingxz says:

I’m in love with this analysis, my most favorite out of all your analysis!

Anthony Smith says:

“For amazon video games, go ahead and hit that follow button.” *while followed of course* Dean, you’re a freaking madman lmao.

KayFiOS says:

I already preordered the game at GameStop, so all I get is a fancy fabric poster. I feel gypped. I could have a skin for a keyblade that’ll be outclassed by every other keyblade in the game.

Gracekim1 says:

Wow! It IS disappointing

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