JUMP FORCE – Taipei Games Show – Story Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC

Without warning, our world and the JUMP Worlds have begun merging together. As Venoms grow in numbers and spread terror throughout the lands, it’s up to you to work with the JUMP FORCE to protect what we hold dear. It’s time for YOU to take a stand against evil! Take a look at the ALL NEW Story Trailer to see what awaits you in #JUMPFORCE.

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RIDLAY says:

Gaara shows up for like 1 millisecond if you pay attention

Tomás Reyes says:

i love the new dragon ball xenoverse 3

FlyBoy 34 says:


President Gameplay says:

They should have chosen adult Naruto would’ve made more sense. Also I can’t understand anything being said but it sounds epic LMAO

Andre FreeWay says:

They should put in meliodas, ban and king from the seven deadly sins

andrew dardin says:

Can you guys add Tokyo ghoul to Jump force if you did that would be awesome

wavy doug 510 says:


Logan Wright says:

What the hell why is Cory from Cory in the house not on the roster this is not epic and not realistic

Buffulu says:

Where is Hiei?

Zamasu King says:

Bandai can you pls give us in dlc 9 for xenoverse 2 SSJROSÈ and custome aura

Cha Boi says:

This ain’t it cheif

Anthony Diego says:

And y one Health Bar how does it make sence for these players to share a health bar

Boggy207 says:

Imagine if we got Ash Ketchum.

r2 Roru says:

This new marvels movie looks awesome

Yuli Wedo says:

i saw death note

Kakashi says:

Be able to play demo on 29th jan 1 day left

ComixAndCartoonPro says:

Seto Kaiba for Jump Force!

The 3rror says:

all of this is going as planned for aizen

Hrithik says:

Really a big epic game!

David Johnson says:

Please if they’re not gonna let kuwabara or kurama be apart of the initial cast at least give them to us as dlc one piece has 5 fuckin characters


Man this game still hasnt came out

NS 33 says:

Peter don’t feel so good

Barking Cactus says:

Light is a little bit of an outlier here

Anjaps Llagas says:

Can light just write their names and be done with it?

Rinkashi says:

Can someone tell me if Madara and Hiei are going to play?

XxPhazonxX says:

Aquilo era o Golden Cell ?

Jerome Engel says:

imagine the future possibility of Allmight vs Toppo, a justice overdose xD

Frikiranger says:

dat framerate tho…

Omega101 says:

What about takeo from zombies I really wanted him in jump force

KevinPaul06 says:

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Anime Style

Maison Clemens says:


Jojo_rowlet666 gg m8 says:

So can we play as trunks or no

Erick Lopez says:

Pls join switch

Anthony Diego says:

Y is it in not translated yet wtf

xgamestheoffical 24 says:

Plz have seven deadly sins as an DLC


Where DF is Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny at?

WcA says:

do not trust Kira!!

WeirdBrothersFade says:

The only cool thing about this game so far, at least for me, is that theres so many anime characters, but I have to admit, the story seems a little dry, like it feels exactly like Towa and Mira messing with time, except this time it’s some other chick and dude messing with dimensions. Could be wrong, but to be on the safe side ima hold off on getting it for a few months, since in my opinion it just feels like a prettier xenoverse with more anime characters

tony Gonzalez says:

So basically, I pre-order the ultimate edition from gamestop and I wonder, do I actually pick up the game in physical form three days before the final release or do I get a code to download it.

Le Génie 987 says:

3 perso de Naruto

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