JUMP FORCE – Paris Games Week 2018 Trailer | X1, PS4, PC

JUMP FORCE will release on Feb. 15, 2019! Unite to fight with your favorite manga characters, including Ryo Saeba from City Hunter and Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star! Check out Ryo’s excellent gunmanship and Kenshiro’s mastery of the Hokuto Shinken.

Are you ready to take them on? Pre-order JUMP FORCE today: bandainam.co/JumpForcePO

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brunnen1 says:

wheres Raoh sama

DR. BLUE says:

This game

Is life❤

ZACH Martin says:

I hope that jump force doing good will make viz media bring over a lot of Shonen jump series that haven’t be published in English yet such as Ryo’s series city hunter
Because I would love to invest a lot into classic Shonen jump series without having to learn Japanese

GHOST OtaKoi! says:

Ad gintama please

Sebastian Bilbao says:

Omae wa mou

tom smith says:

Who else when they were showing the characters saw you gi oh

Arkz Nero says:

God.. this game looks ugly.

IsThisReallyAThing says:

Oi, Kakyoin!


Jotaro and Hanamishi Sakuragi would be cool

Johnny Brim says:


Those Gamer Bros. says:


Marell Thompson says:

D Greyman Characters Need To Be In This Game ForReal !!!

TripleCCC05 says:

Well that’s one more character on my wishlist that is now announced; Kenshiro! ^^ Now I hope Gin from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin will be in the game as well.

calvin the person says:

You are already dead

BellowD Gaming says:

The more serious Ryuseba from City Hunter was added here instead of the goofy cop from Shounen Jump that slips my mind. Also no Omae wa mo shinderu

Emi 619 says:

Kenshiro was fighting against Shiryu…i can see that why (they both like taking off their upper clothing for max power)

camelvids10 says:

I wish there was one full metal character in it

TuTíoJefferson says:

Why ken lookin like that tho?

Goro Harumichi98 says:

I pray they add Raoh and Toki, maybe even Hyoh and Kaioh

Jewtaro Bujo says:

Cant wait to see Kenshiro stomp Goku, Kenshiro is very underrated.

Rad Dude says:

Raoh better be in too!

Pablo Lorenzo says:

Holy fuck, it’s so nice to see Kenshiro with his J-Stars Victory VS costume (his best one in my opinion), and also, his ata looks very nice, i hope we’ll se Jotaro in this game, it would be awesome to see Kenshiro’s “Atata” vs Jotaro’s “Ora ora ora”

Mesane says:

Omg Kenshiro

Paulo arthu says:


ZACH Martin says:

Like the first one they should bring over in English is fist of the North Star I would love to buy and read those

Atrius 777 says:

Cadê o Deku?

Timothy Ho says:

We still need Jotaro Kujo & Dio

Tengu says:

Between this and Smash, I will no longer be a contributor to society.

Helian Elias says:


Jordan Sama says:

Manime is here

SpScarletSpider says:

“Hokuto Shinken has existed for over 2000 years. It can’t be mastered by scum like you.”

Vulle cito says:

0:31 that hitbox…

Exu says:


alien In a ship says:


Omgitschanse says:

*Your Already Dead*

Irfan Spirtovic says:

Just announce Jotaro already

Bane? says:


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