Hades – Early Access Trailer

Defy the god of death in this rogue-like dungeon crawler from the creators of Bastion and Transistor. Play now in Early Access at: https://goo.gl/aMFcbB

More Info: http://www.supergiantgames.com/games/hades/

Hades is a trademark of Supergiant Games, LLC.


Lord Sherbert says:

That the voice of Alucard from Castlevania: The Series?

Lorkmir says:

1. Oh no, he’s hot
2. I am hype for the inevitably FIRE ost

Zion Richmond says:


ekimmak says:

Hades isn’t the God of Death, though. Thanatos is. Hades is the God of the Underworld.

EmmiCrossfire says:


I. Love. You!

Don’t ask questions! Just Accept it ok!
I Love Transistor, Bastion, Pyre, ALL OF ‘EM.
Keep doing what you are doing.

Terraflyer says:

Hades is radiating some serious King of all Cosmos vibes

SkippingLegs says:

Damn this looks good

Syberi388 says:

fucking hella

GameModJr says:

if only this were on Steam…

Billy Bones says:

hot dang this artstyle!

Crowne Prince says:

I’ll wait for the full release. Early access would make me want to submit development suggestions and bug reports rather than simply enjoy the final product. ^^;

Dillon Davis says:

So hoping this will be a roguelike. Love that game play

Daniel Early says:

To all those whining about it only being on epic’s platform…

Oh nooooooo a mild inconvenience, heavens forbid!

And do you really want to see Supergiant in the mire that is steam early access? I mean… Really? I’d prefer if they didn’t go early access with it myself, but at least they’re preserving a bit of dignity keeping it away from that cesspool.

TheQuietWelshman says:

I’m gonna buy it, just because its you guys!

Soda Physics says:

You back at it again Supergiant. This looks amazing…can’t wait!

Pair of Eyes says:

Supergiant Games Heroes of the Storm-style crossover battle when?

AydarBMSTU says:

Thanks, I’ll wait for the steam release. In case it doesn’t come out there, there is another way to get it (you know which)

Atratzu says:

Dudeeeeee, every game from Super Giant is beautiful stylish and has amazing music!

Mehithose says:

is the art director still jenzee? its feel kinda diffrent

David Jeffries says:

I don’t play early access, and I don’t buy outside of Steam – but I’m still a big fan of your work, and wish you the very best. I’ll be there the day you launch the finished game on Steam.

『Øzz』 says:

Is this transistor 2

The Ninja Assassin says:

I look forward to buying this on Steam whenever it arrives.

MegaDeathRay10 says:

More like gaydes

Deniz Göğerçin says:

Look likes “Dead Cells” in 3D =)

BlastBowman90 says:

I can already see the bad gaming journalism headlines now, “Like Transistor meets Dark Souls, Hades from Supergiant Games”

Logan Vicknair says:

This music claps

SonsOfLothar says:


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