Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer


ᴘɪᴄᴀᴛʀɪx says:

I want to see the earliest comments of this vid, what would theyre reactions be like

726 f says:

I Cant believe that so many people are talking about this game in 2018 and they are still wathing the trailer and talking about it. Thats why the GTA5 is well-made game. And this game makes me feel nostalgiatic(?). I want to go back to 2012 and to talk about GTA5 imagining about it

fa2 tv okeh says:


I love KFC says:

My birthday is on November 2 this was posted the same day

Janusz Biznesu says:

Where is flying tank lol

Tom says:

Looking at the trailer now the graphics aren’t really that good

Iisa Taylor says:

Ya boi

Carl Johnson says:

The best is MY GTA

gameboysenpai says:

I can still remember when this was the game everyone was hype about. Me and my brother would always talk about it

King Prime says:

Instant Classic

Bryant Narvaez says:


игровой мир says:

Время летит, уже 6 лет 🙁

Wrestling Of Kids says:

Outubro de 2019?

Daniel McDougal says:

It seems that was yesterday when gta v was released, and how many years have passed?

Zaptrox says:

Who dislikes that?

The Big Window says:

hahaha I remember everyone was crazy about playing gta and I was crazy about playing it but I could not play it at the time since we did not have a good social situation but now October 10 I will have greetings from Argentina

Joel Cantanhede says:

Alguém do brasil?

Uchiha Itachi says:

NICE!! I hope it comes out fast! Looking also forward to rdr2

Foo says:

Man. Why do parents let their kids play these games. That’s why gta 5 is dead

Vikalp Verma says:

October 2018, and YouTube recommends me this. FeelsBadMan

CooL CreatioN says:

Why does this is in my recommendations after 5 yrs!!!




какже теперь виглядит етот трейлер мультяшно когда уже играл в жта 5

TheChaoticWolf says:

Almost 7 years ago! Damn 😛

Yalçın Yaşar says:

6 year huh? Awesome Game Thank you Rockstar and I still play Gta Vice City, San Andreas, Gta 3 and Gta 4 Thanks for every think Rockstar 🙂

TheHissingDragon says:

Hopefully in 2019 we will get this trailer for GTA VI

jefferson. says:

This game was came out six years ago.Wow! I remember that numerous videos about gta .Everyday everyone was spoken about gta. Hello from Ukraine

MasonnAB says:

Too bad GTA Online was just a cash grab

Mark Warren says:

Nothing will top this trailer!!!

Philips says:


Alisha Sonam says:

Why Did i Move here i guess it was reccomed to me

Lawrence Larman says:

It’s 2018.

Why is this one’s in my recommendations?

Nessmith11 says:

6 years on and I am still excited for this game

Addzy K says:

Who is watching this today?! On 7/10/2018?

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