Gerald’s Game | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Breaking free will require more than keeping her sanity. Based on a novel by Stephen King, Gerald’s Game is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.


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Gerald’s Game | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Josh Money says:

I can’t believe I watched this entire thing and didn’t get to see any titties. Shame on you Netflix.

acidbath32 says:

looks pretty brutal. like martyrs and a serbian film on a psychological level

Nigel Watson says:

This movie was great, I advise everyone to watch it.

rahaf ali says:

القصه كلش حلوه فلم روووعه

LmaoRylee says:

it was suprisngly really good.

NimNomNim says:

I thought she kicked him in the balls and he fell and cracked his open or some shit. That’s what happened in the book I believe. :/

Travis Travis says:

She could have broken the glass and used it to file/cut the post until it was weak enough to snap

J Bro says:

Anyone know if this is or will be available in any other format other than on Netflix? Blu-ray/DVD?

Nishant Maddineni says:

To be honest this looks like a comedy to me

NewsRedial says:

er, the bedposts are made of wood. Can’t be that hard for her to flip over and break by pushing with her feet.

Yuéish San says:

Is this movie about survival in the Cabin while she handcuffed alone?

JimvsBob says:

This film was GARBAGE. That ending, my god. What a load of s***

maya strich says:

i really liked it actually

Oropher420 says:

Another Stephan King Adaptation

Shoomp says:

I want to watch it but i keep on seeing that people think that someone is watching them and now im spooped

Laquinta Black says:

oh wow about to watch now

TheRachelxAdventures says:

Such a good movie

Ronja Josefiina K says:

I cried alot watching this movie its super good

vansec hoang says:


Terrible Katherine says:

I love the book and I love the movie. I cried watching this. Awesome!!

Thunder Kat says:

Well for me is more frustating than horrifying to see how she can’t brake his hand or even the bed to get free…There is no bed strong enough to stop her from getting free impo.

ela solmaz says:

She could just eaisly reach that phone with her feet its bullshit

Sean Ward says:

Keep rubbing the handcuff up and down the bedpost, until the integrity and strength of the wood is weaker, then snap it. Metal against wood it’s physically possible to do….. No story then though is there.

cheesenips89 says:

Awful don’t watch. 127 hours meets the Adams family and fight club. Handcuffed to a bed with nothing but crazy thoughts of uncle Peter giving you a tickle from 1970, regular visits from lurch (jewellery thief) and nothing but a shot glass to drink from, piss and poo in. Absolutely marvellous movie…. 2/10

Hailey McDougall says:

Wrists part made me gag and almost puke

The_other_black_guy says:

Horrible movie

Last Man says:


Alex Vargas says:

This movie was great omg the old man scared me, honestly good movie

Oliver Klozzoff says:

Hey I just watched this can anyone help me explain the ending!

Amanda Rodriguez says:

This is the book i wanted to finish but didnt lol

Cosbypolitan says:

so why the hell didn’t she kick the bed post with her foot? No way in hell i would have still stuck in that bed

oh NEVERMIND that bitch is crazy lol

AwkwardFellow says:

This movie confused me in so many levels. I didn’t even know that it was a book. Can someone explain to me the plot here? It mind fucked the shit outta me.

Londzale says:

I thought this was the new cialis commercial.

Camps2630 says:

Scenario 1: dislocate 1 thumb and get out of cuff. Use free hand and snap other post

Scenario 2: use friction of metal cuff to shave/weaken post. Snap.

Scenario 3: she’s probably flexible. Use your leg strength to help with cuff chain and pull/push

She wouldn’t last 2 sec if Jigsaw captured her.

Conway79 says:

Just finished watching this, and my question contains spoilers.

Why did she try to drive after escaping the cuffs, instead of charging the phone and calling for help? Surely they didn’t go away to a remote house without a phone charger. I very much doubt she would have been physically or mentally fit to drive a car immediately after her ordeal.

Mathias Djohn says:

Carla Gugino plays De Niro’s daugter in This Boy’s Life (1993), then she fucks him in Righteous Kill (2008) #howeirdisthat

The_other_black_guy says:

Dumb bitch coulda got the phone on day one

ruinerfixxxer says:

Lifetime channel 2 a.m. movie at best. Complete and utter garbage.

Ambassador of Corruption says:

i’m already watch it. good horror drama 2017 so far.

airbmikal says:

This was a GREAT film!

Dario Wirtha says:

It was better than I thought it would be. I tried to read the book long time ago, and just couldn’t get into it. I found it to be rather boring with a novel taking place in one setting with one character hallucinating. Superb acting from Carla Gugino.

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