GENERATION ZERO Gameplay Trailer (2019) 1980’s Sweden Open World Game PS4/Xbox One/PC

GENERATION ZERO Gameplay Trailer (2019) 1980’s Sweden Open World Game PS4/Xbox One/PC

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R Games says:


PutinWithAnimals says:

Didn’t want to pay Stålenhag royalties?

Gamers Republic says:

Ohhhh looks very cinematic

nufc 88 says:

Looks like a far cry game

Ruok says:

Another great fictional world in an interesting time period WASTED and made into a multiplayer game that will be forgotten within 3 to 5 years.

Patrick Star says:

Horizon zero dawn meet far cry franchise = seems ok for me

Cameron Rogers says:

So, this actually looks super cool.

John Rulez says:

Watch how this game gets cancelled lmao

The Skyrim Assasin says:

Robots were a really bad move

Riccardo jaderi says:

this looks really cool, i just would have prefer a alien invasion better then the machines one, who agree?

Leferry says:

does it have a single player campaign with story?

Zophah says:

3:16 headcrab robot! =)

Admiral Totoro says:

this looks as good as horizon zero dawn did. cannot wait to get my hands on it.



Cheerleader B. says:

Joel! Have you been playing with weapons again, Joel?!

mastaace46 says:

We’ll see. I’ve been fooled by pretty graphic demos before

solicety Rexx says:

What platform

pang says:


television and cheese says:

Cool beans

FuckingArax says:

I didnt see that much variation of different kind of robots/enemies if you have to kill the same enemies a 1000 times throughout the whole game it just gets annoying encountering them tbh i hope they keep the tention in the game and dont make it one huge boring walkthrough but im not judging the game before its been released i can see it has potential i hope its going to be good

A guy says:

please dont make this a battle royale

PutinWithAnimals says:


Lazer Canon says:

Wonder pewdipie is in this game?

Aaron Bell says:


Huntz Kushe says:


Hadee Alviar Abu Zahra says:

Kinda reminds me of that episode of Black mirror where the robots are the predators

James C says:

This is very Simon stalenhag

10,000 subscribers without any videos says:


MrNinjaGaming says:

I don’t remember the 80s being this advanced in technology

Ginger Nob says:

Ohhh, you fight robots in this, I see. I though you fight arabs, negros, muslims and feminist, It did say “Welcome to Sweden” after all, didn’t it……ups

Garret Woeller says:

Am i the only one who thought this said sweden ops like some type of open world spy game

Lucas Johansson says:

Vilket landskap

Crispy K says:

Back in the days before it became Swedistan xD

Leonel martinez says:

Well this looks different. But I’m interested

snozz2004 says:

Well this one going on my wishlist

iSnow96 says:

2:15 Saab?

Psikobaz 77 says:

this game is trash

Borsalino Fedora says:

How realistic this game will be?

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