Gamescom 2018: Best Game Trailers (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)

Last Stand of the Gunslinger, Shooting Star, Azshara, Death May Die, Metro Exodus, Devil May Cry 5, Battlefield 5, Assassin’s Creed: Oddysey, Life is Strange 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man!

List of game trailers:

00:01 Destiny 2: Forsaken – Last Stand of the Gunslinger

04:02 Overwatch Animated Short – Shooting Star

11:40 Battlefield 5

13:36 Metro Exodus

15:09 Devil May Cry 5

17:57 The Sinking City – Death May Die

21:10 Tom Clacy’s The Division 2

22:34 Marvel’s Spider-Man

24:58 Assassin’s Creed: Oddysey – Kassandra

26:26 Life is Strange 2

27:43 One Piece World Seeker

29:16 Warbringers: Azshara


Obraniak Design says:

Battlefield 5 – Metro Exodus

Tea Tsuneko says:

First one legit looked like a Deadpool wannabe minus the 4th wall breaking

Артем says:

matrix + iron man = Overwatch Animate

Tea Tsuneko says:

An animated short isn’t a game trailer. . .

aldo bagaskoro says:

Damn, maybe after it’s released, everyone will want more modern air war games crossplatform.

Uzhas Ua says:

The Sinking Sity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fk Zuala says:

Death pool character would be better

หล่อรวย วาสนาดีมีแต่สุข says:

Oh godddd

LateNightCuts says:

OMG THAT DMC TRAILER IS SO BAD. Game deserves much better!

Projects To Mansions says:

I see the skills! You need to get up with us.

Nicholas DeVries says:

there will never be a need to remake The Animals house of the rising sun…

Secretcodrin says:

i’m confused. why would they fake a kick in a videogame trailer?

Delco Nator says:

please bring back onslaught game mode again in battlefield. Was fun 🙂

OLomasO says:

Best Trailers? Why is Destiny up there?

RescGT777 says:

Ace combat 7 was The Best trailer ever

damiens lefevre says:

Destiny one was lame

Take Over says:

holy shit 2019 would be the Horror Year of SJW themed games what a buch of shitty games

egavas says:

Life is strange 2 the best

Boe Dillard says:

Give me Bioshock 3, Crysis 4, Jedi Academy 3, COD Airborne 2, FEAR 4, Serious Sam 4, Pain Killer 3 with updated engines and I’m all over it! The graphics in that sinking city preview looked good.

Денис Боня says:

CyberPunk 2077 will kill them all

Regalia Parkuorion says:


Metahunter 117 says:

1:46 That face experssion is gorgeously well made.

Shannon T says:

did blizzard ran out of funds to do a proper cinematic?

Ваня Милый says:

Battlefield 5 what the music?

Mark J. Kim says:

It makes me so fucking angry whenever I see that fucking bitch on the Battlefield V title screen

Tobias Rieper says:

Dislike for DMC5- anime shit

dontaccoll says:

so blizzard confirms itself to be a superb cinematic production’s company, while a mediocre gaming software house, it will be a better world when they’ll start focusing on what they do better, leaving all the rest… the time of diablo, starcraft, and warcraft, is over long ago

Γκασσεν Ζωργοι says:

27:43 namco bandai the same people who made dark souls ? damn they fell this far ?! now they make stupid games about anime !

Hui Petit says:

Anime company Blizzard that was delayed by the game

Vapor says:

1. Made me cry

2.thought it was dumb that Blizzard was giving characters story’s when no one cares about there history

3.women women women women

4.advertising it wrongly

5.never heard of it

6.still dont know what the game is like

7.looks as misleading as the first one

8.ha its sad because i dont like super heroes

9.I thought assassin creed origins was out already

10.oh look another one of these games i never play

11.anime=big titties

12.makes sense

13.oh thats it

robotcop says:

wow only 2 good looking games

NeroZ zero says:

25:24 fake kick

mhamad antar says:

all the trailer are great and amaizing like your chanel

Thiago Graunke says:

The most of them only for PS4…

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