Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14. #ForTheThrone


Ib7 h says:

*Dont click on read more OR*

You will have a lucky year! Like and it will be a 2x lucky year.

Krontok says:


aLoudSi1ence says:

Enough teasing us pleeeeeease!!!

MrFantocan says:

Wow Sansa really is menacing, she will kill the Night’s King herself!

Bored to death.

Onna says:

aren’t we missing one stark kid?

Nuguns says:

Winter is still coming

PrudentiusInvader says:


T. Nash says:

SatoshiTrader (com) is for sale on Godaddy auctions. 6 hours left to bid! Seek and you shall find.

Habbibi Liggigi says:

If u start GoT 06.02 u will be rdy for Season 8 in April

Good Night says:

Release the fucking season already

UnluckyAmulet says:

Lol, Jon and Arya unsheathe their swords and Sansa’s just like, “Welp.”

Jason Stephenson says:

Everybody dies….

Anouar Ozgar says:

April ???? That’s not winter -_-

Omarxcr7 says:

Bin ich der einzige der das noch nie gesehen hat

• nerdynurse says:

Wake me up when March ends – Greenday

Badrul Alam says:

I got a erection after watching this ☺️

iLiveOnFijiTime says:

GoT will curve ball us with a Lanister win.

Vitor L. says:

I dunno if im happy or sad we’ll finaly watch GoT season 8, cuz its the final season.

mark barlow says:

Has anything actually happened yet?

V8cko plays Games says:

*_oh Fortnite 2 looks cool_*

star master says:

JON going to out live his cousin…you can tell cause when he looks at his statue it is older and he is shocked

Pascal BOLOMIK says:

french version please

LaLa Laura says:

Final season? How can they cancel the biggest show out there?

og boi says:

This is Stupid

Matthew Stancombe says:

720p????? come on 🙁

Abdirahman Hussein says:

100% piracy Free

Abhishek Rawat says:

Please don’t kill Arya

Steph O says:

Why arent they mining valerian steel??!!

Yassy says:

Ok it got really cold all of a sudden as I was watching that. The mist crept closer as I got chills all over, felt like I was there.

Bear PUBG mobile says:

Omg my favorite this TV show

og boi says:

My acc is oh af

alpy111 says:

is this…one of Bran’s green dreams?

lander hargeysawi says:

Winter is here an white walkers cant white to see this season

Douglas Christian says:

Agora deu ruim…

sawal kalra says:

Where’s bran?

Pine says:

2019, a year of end-game I would say, in April arrive both GOT anddd Avengers! man, what a time to be alive

Moon Walker says:

Winter is here! 🙂

MsCelientje says:

Jon walks past the statue of Lyanna without looking. While he does not walk past the statue of Ned without looking. It looks as if he still does not know that Lyanna is his mother.

ashraf dawar says:

when ever i am walking in forests of Siberia these days i just remembered the scene of game of thrones…. come soon game of thrones we are waiting…

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