Game Of Thrones Season 8 HBO Countdown Trailer Breakdown

Game Of Thrones Season 8 HBO Teaser Trailer. 2018 Release Date Confirmed, Season 8 Episode 1 Delay Rumor Explained and Prequel Date Confirmed ►
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Prequel Explained ►
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Cersei Lannister ►
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HighMagnitudeGT says:

Pick me plzzz

Joe Brooks says:



indrigen says:

3 min waste

Dan says:

Awesome! I wish you would have commented on the new scenes. Maybe in a new video.

Waza Lad93 says:

Do a theory of the light bringer the sword that was lost 1000yrs ago witchin game of thrones and how it got its name

Sakic19God says:

It’s like South Park!

Joad Moldez says:

Pls. breakdown Vikings Season 5

Gobblarr says:

that wasnt a teaser dude that was all clips from season 7.

HighMagnitudeGT says:

Pick me plzzz

ravi kiran says:

Does any one know the sound track???in promo

cheshirefoxxx says:

6:00 i miss ghost

Joku Äijä says:

I wish i could just go to coma and wake up when season 8 comes out bruh

Adriana L. Roura says:

Can like 2019 come any faster !!

Pizzles Tech Time says:

Tyrion looks hot

Andrew McNaughton says:

Are there brand new frames in there? Seems to be a debate. Jon and Sansa hug definitely new?

Jason Womack says:

Always enjoy your videos, keep it up!

Debra Angelle says:

Love your videos. Always do an awesome job and thank you for that!

Nicholle Bath says:

I was stoked to hear what you had to say about the new GoT teaser trailer but I literally had no idea HBO was going to make Watchmen! Can’t wait to watch your videos on that!!

RakasansLegacy says:

Bring on Season 8! Can’t wait.

Who Knew 22 says:

this trailer has scenes from season 7 not 8 of GOT

Ezan Odio says:

Waiting badly for season 8…hope it goes on well….

Liam Cullen says:


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