Fallout 76 – Official Teaser Trailer

Watch the official teaser trailer for Fallout 76 from award-winning creators Bethesda Game Studios. https://beth.games/fallout76

See more during this year’s Bethesda E3 Showcase happening on June 10th at 6:30pm PT in Los Angeles, CA or live on YouTube.com/BethesdaSoftworks or Twitch.TV/Bethesda.

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Basic Gamer says:

Shit I missed loads fallouts it’s just like I missed 61 mario games

Acid MonkeyHD says:

Just imagine if they remastered fallout 3 and new Vegas and released it with fallout 76 i would give all my money for that

Tedster's Science says:


Smasher of Stars says:


hystera ! says:

Fallout: skips from 4-76
Bioshock: Hold my beer

Kevin Harmse says:

Still waiting on Elder Scrolls 6…

Hoplophobic says:

Shut up and take my money

HyperlordXP says:

Gosh I just want a New Vegas remake or remastered

Venom Deadass, The Shitposter says:

What happened to 5-75 you guys?

Swan18s says:

Despacito 2?

Fenress says:

Why….. just why…. Bethesda we just got fallout 4 a few years back….. and what was before fallout 4? Skyrim… im pretty sure everyones already tired of fallout just give what the fans want Elder scrolls 6

Mythic Element says:

This is my favorite teaser of all time

Felix says:


Никита Максимов says:

We want New New Vegas! Not rust with laser pews! #saveplayer1

Arrow Storm says:


Avery Webb says:

If it’s set in Appalachia I better see some radioactive rednecks

Mathias Dark1 says:


Keegan Olsen says:

“When the fighting is stopped, and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.” That line gives me the chills for some reason…

Ensign Ricky says:

Creation Club only mods? No sale. Especially for such pathetic excuses to cover-up the cash grab.

Richard Parks says:

Fallout 4 was garbage, so I hope y’all have learned a lot from that experience.

DispensableGamer says:

Hopefully they’ve improved the settlement system and there’s more of an emphasis on you being one of the first to resettle and rebuild!

Squiggy1000 says:

Better that bf5

ChuckSharts says:

I’m not gonna bash this game until I see what they reveal on the 10th

collins mutea says:


ImNotAThief says:

“Quite honestly, they didn’t want to be the developer that was just Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Fallout for the rest of their development careers,”

Oh ok.

Chrisfragger1 says:

Hopefully, I won’t need to go into the .ini files to set the game resolution this time…

Outsyder Nyte says:

Is vault 76 the one with the puppet? Also that guy at the end sounds kinda like John Henry Eden… maybe this is the start of the enclave? Brotherhood? Or something new. Also by judging that this guy is the final person in there I don’t think he is cryogenically frozen so I believe this game will be set before fallout 1 as the pip boy is the old version. Maybe this is a vault where only 1 person was in and he gets trapped there? Or maybe he wakes up and literally everyones ghoulified. Hope this time around they have ghoul race, and people react to you being a ghoul say kicked out of places, they need the karma system back plus better story and more choices then it would be a perfect fallout game!

ants castle rock says:

Can’t wait, PUT MULTI PLAYER IN!!!!!

Spyder says:


Michael says:

Why am I getting the vibe that another settlement needs my help?

bryan says:

Oh so I guess this game is mean’t for you to be the warden cool!

TheDarchr0w says:


Chaotic 218 says:

Come on man give us Elder Scrolls 6!

Harry j says:

Who sings this song

Jaś Gryczek says:

I am waiting for this

the unknowngamer says:

2007 fallout 3
2015 fallout 4
2018 fallout 76
2020 fallout 186790456783920

Apple : bruh we just skipped a number the fuck?

WildHogKing says:

don’t care about the game really just release the full cover of that song please

Holy Hitters says:


Shadow_wolf66 says:


Frindy :3 says:


micheal santos dé aveira jr. says:

I better get the chance to say some sarcastic lines again..

Riley Devoss says:

I’ve waited so FUCKING long for the next fallout game HELL yeah!

Outsyder Nyte says:

My guess: set between fallout 1 and 2? Maybe see the start of the enclave since they were a fan favourite. I think this because of the old styled pipboy and certain regions had certain pip boys like the california ones had this type so maybe it is set in california, hopefully we see the start of something new in the series with hopefully a better story and choice system/karma returning. Honestly can’t wait!

MrSummer MrWinter says:

I really hope this game Will be like Fallout 3 its still the best fallout and also the best game
I hope this time the vault will not send us away like in Fallout 3

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