Now is your time to Make Headlines. Check out the first official gameplay trailer for F1® 2018 – out 24th August 2018

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“Love Me More”
Performed by Chase & Status Ft Emilie Sande
Written by William Frederick Kennard, Saul Gregory Milton, Robert Edmund Matthews, Catherine Julia Hastings Pockson, Adele Emily Sande
Courtesy of Virgin EMI Records
Under licence from Universal Music Operations Ltd
Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd. on behalf of Eastfield Publishing Ltd., and Top Draw Publishing Ltd; and Stellar Songs Limited/ EMI Music Publishing Ltd., and Alpines Music

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Soundwave 47 says:

Why cant we create our own team

GiorGiTeV says:

More time to answer media questions??? only 10 seconds is a bit too little idk maybe 15 atleast would be good

Thlastviper says:

Is this game spilt screen yet or what

FireStormHR says:

Something I find a problem, is that the ERS is only in the first tab. I always race with the second tab open for the entire race, so it will be very annoying to change the ERS. The fuel is easy though, because one d-pad to the right/left switches the multi-functional-display to the first tab to change the fuel (but the ers is at the bottom 🙁 ) One way to help this is dpad to the left goes to the fuel and dpad right goes to ERS

Dani Fekete says:

The name of the music: Chase & Status feat. Emeli Sandé – Love Me More

jamat says:

Guys, when it will happen that different Verstappen-like driving lines are faster in wet conditions?

Carlos Bello says:

No VR, no buy.

blotmaster1 says:

Oh lookie here. It is the yearly iteration of arcade Codemasters F1. What a joke!

Evan Nadeau says:

I thought the Renault garage scene was real life lol

Anubhav Sharma says:

The drum beats reminds me of 2011 F1 game.

Mellow Accent says:

I wonder if career mode is like NBA 2K’s where you get to interact with other drivers as you rise through the ranks, say I drive for Mercedes, and I get to form a rivalry against Lewis Hamilton.

LegendaryNick_XE says:


Laurence says:

Imma get that superlicence as soon as possible.

sw1000xg says:

Needs an option to have the V8 engine noises on the new cars!

Jack Roberts says:

Still no splitscreen?

Toby Reinhardt says:

And introducing…THE HALO!!!

LuKas09 says:

VR compatible ??

Brendon Leigh says:

F1 esports series will be awesome! I’m shaking with excitement

Tyriel Wood says:


Itashi says:

Looks f****** awesome

Captain Zeppos says:

Will there be a demo? I’d love to check if my pc can handle the new game and it’s an automatic purchase for me. May no be as realistic as iRacing or Assetto Corsa but the whole package is immersing and fun.

Arnaud J. says:

*It could be even better with AI to make more mistakes between them or just going in the grass idk. .*

topspykimi says:

No vr, no like

Julian-Specific Sportgames says:

The graphics looks great so much better than f1 2017

Pim says:

lol’d at ‘simulator’.

Mzimasi Ndzombane says:

Hey Codies. If you’re looking for a new editor. Please hit me up. This felt like a fan edit. Not hyping at all. And rather boring too. Did the game no justice

J.F. Richard says:

“Also returning from 2017″… Immediately followed by a list of new features… What?

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