E3 2018 BEST Game Trailers (Xbox/Microsoft)

Best Game Trailers at Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference : Cyberpunk 2077, Hitman 2, Gears 5, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Forza Horizon 4

0:00 – Halo Infinite

2:10 – Vigor

3:44 – Cyberpunk 2077

5:22 – Hitman 2

6:21 – Fallout 76

8:51 – Battlefield 5

11:08 – Gears 5

15:29 – Farza Horizon 4

17:32 – Jump Force

19:13 – Kingdom Hearts III

22:06 – Just Cause 4

23:41 – Ori and the Will of the Wisps

25:39 – Dying Light 2

27:13 – Gears Pop

27:49 – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

30:11 – Devil May Cry 5


Ruslan says:

DMC-5 and Dying Light-2 TOP

noobhead16 says:

let me just click bait the fuck out of you because there was no actual good games

Michael Bravo says:

21:50 Mickey is never too late

BOOF says:

хз вроде нормально

Ivan - Gameplay says:


Daniel Anand says:

Devil may cry 5 crazy and my best

burnard vicente says:

Did I just saw ryuk and light in the jump force trailer?

Мыльный Мыльный says:

Metro ??

Roberto Alravez says:

Fuck ya naruto and goku when this comes out i am gonna play it

денис лихт says:

I was one roller Cyberpunk recalled video embed from Mass Effect???Does the hero look like Sheppard???

Nickopoll says:

Devil May Cry 5 & Sekiro !!

Narcotic Vibes says:

For Naruto(Jump Force): 17:32

manpreet singh says:

what a game i am waiting for it

Danny VD says:

really that anime crossover doesn’t make any fucking sense

DmaxHd says:

Wow battlefield 5 looks amazing !

baracuda max says:

fuckng clickbate (

brittany brinker says:

but seriously. did anyone else feel dissapointed with the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer? I guess I wanted them to go darker, grittier. More cyberpunk and less grand theft auto 2077

noeneo says:


Akame ga kill says:

26:44 music pls!!!!!!

Ivan Ivanov says:

God, why do i have so shitty PC??

tron ix says:


GNFire 173 says:

Okay, I’m excited for all of these games. I’m a big fan of all of them and played all of the prequels, but I NEED JUMP FORCE!!!!

денис лихт says:

Dying Light 2=Аssassins Сreed????????

TuskSniper says:

Pfiou , naruto is not existing in this year

Diego CJ says:

Anyone else here knows Saint Seiya characters are way stronger than DBZ?

Technical.ly India says:

Thats Hell lot of trailer…!!

MoHe Free says:

where is naruto?

FARAI Chakarisa says:

Cyberpunk looks like a failed version of Blade Runner…

dreemurr1999 says:

Halo infinite sounds like infinite war is invalid in this but halo style. Gears 5 who said a girl cant play as a girl in the campaign. horizon 4 will there be more hot wheels in this and will forza make it to VR racing. jump force ill go for it just to see what else is there.

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