E3 2018: All Game Trailers from EA CONFERENCE

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E3 2018: All Game Trailers from EA CONFERENCE (Best Compilation)
© 2018 – EA

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pro collection says:

Idk but i think bf5 look like bf1

Poisonedblade says:

I was expecting to pay Microtransactions to watch their trailers.

SportRiderr says:

Seems like every new game is some shitty fkn Indie game I could play on my old Gameboy…

xXp_ Arctic says:


Raios Rogue says:

All trash games the only one i liked was Anthem but i am not buying it because of EA being a trash company EA can lick my ass

Edwardonius Portal says:

Battlefield and Anthem. Only good games they have coming.

Raz G says:

no one’s hyped for bt 5 because of what they did

Joshua Henry Maurice Pianzin says:

Because of… well… EA… I will just wait and see… Before actually buying anything.

Alan Irish lad says:

You know what just hit me. This is like a futuristic non anime-style version of Attack On Titan.
“These walls can’t protect us for forever” probably just me because I’m a dumb ass

Seerpin seerley says:

Anthem looks pretty cool when does it come me out?

GamingGUY350 says:

fuck you whore trash garbage

NightArcher1 says:

Hope they don’t screw up Anthem. It looks like it could be really good.

უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ says:

thanks for killing generals EA you fucking face doom guy in hell. one can only hope.

Varick Vanedick says:

Woa that hammer is like communist yea

L says:

Just give us TES6 and Witcher 4

UFCKO’s says:

So no fight night again..?

Michael says:


matthew dandurand says:

How you elude me..

Monado Boy says:

Wither every game, I just wonder ‘Now how are they gonna cram loot boxes into it?’

Big Smoke says:

Battlefield V : looks okay but still not interested.
Fifa 19 : ok might go for it but might not.
Unravel two : aw. That was so cute. Id might go for it.
Sea of solitude : WTF WAS THAT THING LURKING? Cool.
Anthem : thats cool. But i hope it doesnt get ruined with loot boxes.
NBA : isnt that owned by 2K?
Madden NFL: IDK?
Command and conquer: aww cmon. That intro would make a perfect ps4 game.

I Don't Care says:

Man, football/soccer games have shitty cartoony graphics… it’s a disgrace for 2018

Ljloving 424 says:

Browns still gonna go 0-16

Marius Valen says:

I love the way they presented Cyberpunk 2077. Tried one of the serial-keys that rolled over the screen during the conference. Scored The Witcher 3+all expansions for Xbox One 😀

And Halo: Infinite, Gears 5 and Fallout76. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. #E32018 #GameReady

khunnas sirens says:

Cnc on android

Birdsie says:

wait, what? how are they going to put loot boxes into unravel 2?

Teddy_Inc says:

EA is Rockstar game in future if they still make micro transaction game like GTA 5

CallmeJoel says:

LOL that trailer for the command and conquer makes it look much more epic than it actually is.

Empress Hedo says:

You should have titled this video “he trash games of e3 2018”

RandomGuy says:

where the f is TES VI

Gaming Beast says:

hey guys watch this video
Best games of E3 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B55sy7ZOik
You are gonna enjoy this

JonDeBerg says:

They should have had Omar whistling at the beginning of the Madden trailer.

Darkness Craft says:

why they have done this to the mighty c&c why!!!!!!!!

Taiwo Olaleye says:

fifa 19 will have champions league

Eduard Simion says:

“From EA”
*AT E3 2018*
The trailer starts
It plays the first minute
It stops
*To unlock the full version of the trailer you have to pay 59,99$*

Alex beltran says:

Lo único bueno el fifa 19 que por fin compro los permisos de la champions

Unnamed Visitor says:

well, here’s hoping the next roster has better games

Blaxis Villar says:

is anthem tne real destiny 2?

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