E3 2017 : All EA Games Trailers (Conference Highlights Compilation)

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TheEpicDoge Wow says:

6 hour stream and only a few trailers? cant be

R001 says:

Ahhhh man can we get next dragon age please

Devlellor lol says:

fking sports games

Jose Castro says:

Oh boy, yeah I can’t wait to play Battlefront 2 then lose connection to EA servers just 8 minutes in later…

Shady Horse says:

Way out looks like developers learned from heist in graV I think they made something fun

Roger Morales says:

Where the fuck is Fight Night at ??!!! Hell, I’ll even take NFL Street!!!

Edit: Jesus Christ is holy, and an NBA Live too??? Wtf are you guys doing at that company ????

Syncroniam says:

All of these look boring as shit apart from star wars, they look like the same game poor GTA downgrade

ReDuCTz- says:

A great team a great manager… lol so hr went to Chelsea?

Cedy 117 says:

Estarguars looks lit

Ulf ViKings says:

What are with these idiots saying that A Way Out is a copy of Uncharted ? Uncharted didnt feature a split screen gameplay, neither did it involve a very specific prison environment. Uncharted is optimistic and very dramatic and exaggerated in gameplay, and its story is ott. Not a copy, you fool

Evangelos Killer mike says:

The only good game they showed it’s anthem.

dwyanewade88190 says:

Oh come on, they are still working on NBA live? I bet “my player” of NBA 2K14 will be better than this one

GameXX bot says:

Need 4 speed is giving me a little bit of a burnout vibe and im catching alot of nostalgia. I will definitly be emptying my wallet this year on these games lol

cole Nmey says:

A Way Out is a bad copy of Uncharted.. not only that.. they even copied Nathan Drake’s signature line.. “Oh, crap” seriously EA!! that’s pathetic.. can’t you think of anything new. lol. at least change the line hahaha.

Toffsen100 says:

how about a nfs game without story. why are they trying so desperately to put a story in a racegame. most people want a selection of cars and tubing of nfsu2 with the game play of maybe nfsmw and graphics of today’s game. hope they make it at least open world here. and ea better not fuck up the new bf like the first one. how about just reboot bf2 with good graphics and slight game play improvements. I would think the biggest customer Base for those brand refreshes feeds on nostalgia, so just stick with what was good

Colorshop Garín says:

need fast n fourious speed…

Shane Pleasants says:

Where the fuck is a boxing game

Adam Hawk says:

A Way Out trailer literally came off like a movie trailer. I want to know the whole story already.

Ali Fakih says:

way out looks cool it has it’s style along with some repleca from other games

EzeTarget says:

Now good job on EA for willing to invest in a full coop game. It looks super cool too. And that new Battlefront 2 might make up for its predecesor. I just hope they don’t fuck it up.

Skazzi says:

What is this FIFA18, an DLC for FIFA17 with new animations for Ronaldo along with new kits for teams? 😀

Stallnig says:

All right, let’s get this party started!

XylaN says:

i dont have anyfriend 🙁 cannot play a way out

phuc lethanh says:

Wait is star war battlefront before Orda 66 ??


it gets worse every year.. lets hope bf2 is decent this run around

Chicken Go Moo says:

The irl Alex Hunter is Mr. Brock in doctor who

josh koczwara says:

looks like ea going back to the roots with star wars… i like it.

Henry Brave says:

Is no one gonna talk about how similar the new need for speed game is to burnout?

Barriath says:

hmmm i am actually a little bit hyped for fifa 18 to be honest. but then again i wonder what makes us transfer? our performance in the national team? and is williams actually gonna transfer to our team? if so why should i change teams. its kinda like choose money or chemestry (family, friends etc.)

Malik Bersanov says:

“A way out” reminds me the Prison Break series

RockDJ7 says:

No UFC 3…  🙁

GroovyColt45 says:

A way out looks like a Scorsese movie

Negative Thinking says:


Fozcast says:

First 2 games (Battlefront 2, A way out) look really good!

misfiteando says:

“The wall, it protects you from those outside… Mexicans”

Tsary _ says:

What a shame. There’s no skate 4

Julian Tapia says:

Am I the only one excited for Alex hunters return?

JownJawge says:

Please change Leo’s nose before it’s released.

Petur Gicov says:

Damn, I got bored by these crash scenes in the NFS gameplay.

Joe Hiles says:

So in Star Wars are the storm troopers good guys and the robot army the bad guys? I thought storm troopers were Darth Vader’s soldiers in the movies?

MrMarcieTheCunt says:

I’m so fucking done with everyone, why can’t I enjoy a game trailer without someone in the comments shitting over a good game, and its not like there even good arguments half of the shit they say includes “downgrade from another game” or “boring”(even though you font know shit most likely), or some shit that makes zero sense and would fit better in one of those crazy conspiracy videos

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

1:32 didnt knew daft punk were special guests in starwars

Corey Vezina says:

a way out is the prison break game we deserved

Yellow Flash says:




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