E3 2017 : All BETHESDA Games Trailers (Conference Highlights Compilation)

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Lex Zander says:

maan they’re milking skyrim..

Spencer Pootis says:

who chose the song for the skyrim trailer

Ryan Fowlow says:

Bethesda for new world order

mdredheadguy1979 says:

Although that new Wolfenstin game looks awesome…

CJ says:


Bichy Ball says:

Hey look,its a cat….monkey bb- peemoon

and i hate this nazi sluty shitting cow licker 13:38

noodlesman12 says:

They just love shoving Skyrim down our throats. It’s getting old Bethesda, I was disappointed enough with the shitty remaster.

Doctor Jones says:

18:54 What the fuck is going on here?

Famed Gaming says:

At the start of this I went to skip AD not realizing the video already started by accident.


I’m looking forward to wolfenstien

Knight fuse says:

for the creation club it just seems that they took nexus mods and just added coins to get the mods

Ray C says:

Nobody else noticed the FPS drop on the Switch during Skyrim gameplay? lol

Justin Kline says:

Creation Club! If you had told me last year that Bethesda would envision a means of facilitating micro-transactions for old games, I would not have believed it! I mean, who wants a new Elder Scrolls when we can just keep playing Skyrim and spending money for pets and funny hats and shit?

moises pedro says:

i have skyrim and i won’t pay for mods

Ul Us says:


Pennywise says:

Not interested in VR much but Wolfenstien looks really good hope it better optimised than the other ones well the first one was ok.

Дмитрий Бронкс says:

with no TES this year((

Nathan B says:

The evil within 2, yes please.

Mr White says:

Man Wolfenstein 2 looks like a Tarantino movie. Gonna be great.

Kenneth Williams says:

is that the black lady voice from mad t.v. the one that does Whitney Houston

Smeg 01 says:

What’s Bethesda. Is that a chocolate bar company?

Adub Zac says:

Ouch my eyes !!!! The swastikas offend me so bad!! Now I must color and play with action figures. (Cod is a fucking bunch of libtards)

Madden Master says:

Fallout vr had literally made me jizz my pants

Reezy says:

i want more fallout games what the hell

Th3Raz96 says:

what the fuhhhck dude just ate like 4 tabs of acid, I’m definitely getting that game now

Muad Dib says:

Evil Within 2 gives me Alan Wake kinda vibes

glitch107 says:

The new Wolfenstein looks really preachy.

Mauricio Pérez says:

“Creation Club” mother fucker did they just took the Fine Brothers ideas for fucking themselves, who in their shit mind wants to pay for mods, go fuck yourself Bethesda, I loved you so much…

mdredheadguy1979 says:

Oh great, another evil within? As if the first one wasn’t enough of a rip-off! No thanks!
So if we are getting a fallout vr, does that kill any chances of a game of the year edition? Because I’m guessing you have to have a vr set to play the vr version, right?as for the rest, I’ll just wait and see…

Ryan Pacada says:

I might get the new wolfenstein

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