DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z: Announcement Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

Determination, Despair, and Hope — Discover the story of the mysterious Dragon Balls in the all-new DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z! #DragonBallZ #Videogames #BandaiNamco

Join Goku and fellow warriors in the neverending search for the ultimate fight — COMING 2019!

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The True Blue Blur says:

0:58 You thought I was Xenoverse 3, but it was me! *UNDERTALE 2*

ryukaiserh says:

make action rpg with dragon ball super story please bamco -_-

Évelon Timóteo says:

Será que esse, por fim, virá dublado?

Eddie VanDorp says:

Genuinely can’t wait so hyped

Hoang Luxius says:

action rpg? More like a movie game with boss fights

James Dobbs says:

Spoiler- Krillin dies.

keroroslayer says:

@Bandai Namco Entertaiment America Hope it isn’t like new One Piece game where You wander through bug empty areas. Let it be more interactive, idk mission based or with real world areas interractions. From what I see, however, it looks promising so . Good move Bandai, good move.

Tyler Meredith says:

if this is an actual action rpg with semi open worlds dragon ball universe you got my money if its real hopefully it will go all the way up to current dbs arc cause if only freiza saga then that will be short and grindy

MistHeat says:

Definitely the best graphics any Dragon Ball Game has ever had

Cloud Strife says:

I just hope it’s the original dbz story with all arcs. And the most important thing for me is, that you, like in the anime, have to reach ssj. It would be really boring if you can transform from the beginning, it would be real interesting if you only can transform first time on namek. Man if this will be all like the anime it sure will be the best dragon ball game

Ultimate Matej says:

Now I feel stupid for buying Dragon ball FighterZ.

TheDairyQuinn says:

I’m crying

Arokhantos says:

Looks like fun, it probably is going exclusive on epic store so i’ll boycot Bandai if they pull anti consumer move.

Moises Esquivel says:

Just remaster budakai 3 please

InfoDrones says:


Mavaja X says:

If they would make it so you could make a custom character that joins the strory of orginal dbz… just a dream i quess

Malcolm Berry says:

This is it!!!!

KOcreations says:

Great we can play through the story of dragonballz. As goku the most boring of the characters.

If they wanted to make an interesting dragonball RPG why not make it an actually decent RPG. Like xenoverse was kinda fun but it lacked true variety. Make a game set in the dragonball universe but set aside from the story have it be you can start as any of a number of races and you actually have quests and skill trees and customisable armours and skills and powers and forms then you can go off world and join factions and fight armies and take over or save planets and eventually you get noticed by a big bad and have to fight to survive against them and you can run into different canon characters but not interfere with the pre determined canon

The legendary puppeteer! says:

I don’t mind replaying the dragon ball z arch over and over in any db game cause that’s my childhood bruh! This one looks hot!

TI Pilot says:

Tenkaichi 3 had near perfect mechanics yet no one seems to understand or study that. You could practically use the exact same code add a few moves and re texture the game. It seriously doesnt need much work to be perfect. I love dbfz but tenkaichi 3 is the only truly 3d fighter with good movement

Aamir Dhorajiwala says:

Finally a game after budokai tenkaichi 3 that might actually be good

Jdub 25 says:

Wish it was a Dragonball Super RPG with the tournament of power and shit, we already had the BK series, but it still looks like a fun game, I’m happy either way.

ECKOstamp183 says:

Wtf did I just watch.

Der Mit DeM COLT Tanzt says:

A Drageon Ball Z Action RPG ?? I shit my pants !

Zortec says:

I literally was in tears watching this.

keroroslayer says:

@Bandai Namco Entertainment America Hope it isn’t like new One Piece game where You wander through bug empty areas. Let it be more interactive, idk mission based or with real world areas interractions. From what I see, however, it looks promising so . Good move Bandai, good move.

Ibnu Halil says:

I hope bandai can include all DB charecter gt also n super..

not a animator says:

lol dbz games suck i wish they would allow you to take full controll of the character like you have to do everything not just press a button then he attacks and moves on his own oof

Anshuman Walvekar says:

This is a blessing…

Dennis Müller says:

They call it Action RPG? So like Path of Exile (or Diablo lol)? Probably more like Fighting RPG

Billy BOB says:

RPG. DBZ. Why not. I hope the open world will be great. But I want to see gameplays. I hope it goes all the way to the buy saga.

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