Death Stranding Game Awards 2017 Trailer

Get a deeper look at Kojima Studios’ mysterious sci-fi open-world action game.

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MoM Jackie Boy says:

WTF is this

Account Name says:

da fuck why he look like daryl from the walking dead?

Tico Ligthart says:

What is this? If all scps escaped and you had to deal with them all at once?

ryanrobby2 says:

I’m wondering if this game has some lovecraftion influences. The big monster which creates the bang looks like it could be a cthulhu monster judging by the tentacles on his face. When Norman’s character, Sam, is underwater you can see a dreamcatcher floating around, dreams are in a way like seperate realities in cthulhu stories and they’re a huge theme in them. The water/sea could also be related, since cthulhu himself rests in a city deep in the ocean.

None of this may be true, but I like to brainstorm and discuss about stuff like this.

gmoderX says:

Fuck, fetuses are disgusting. Please dont include that in a game. I won’t fucking pay for this horse shit.

TrickyCustomer says:

i like the eerie music when the guy floats up while stabbing himself? and when norman see the crater at the end.

the power lord says:

Directed by Christopher Nolan

LolwutLol2000 says:

I knew kojima did some crazy games in the past before I went to middle school but WTF KOJIMA DO YOU SMOKE

Бабушка СТАЛИНА says:

это просто пиздец ребята

Kyle Smith says:

Anyone notice the dream catcher on Norman’s back in the beginning!!!!! Also slow down the video and stop at 3:52 the strange man looks like he has a golden mask like the body earlier by the reflection of the lightning

Buu Buu Desu Wa says:

This takes Mpreg to a different direction

Zorr0 says:

it looks like they are always under water, thats how some things “float”?

imaad lunat says:

It appears that the devices on their shoulders seem detect the invisible aliens (it beeps when the alien is near)and the aliens seem to be blind and have good hearing( alien not attacking the silent dudes)

Bananas are good says:

So he ate the baby but forgot to chew

Sekai Ori No Game No says:

I love explosions!, so yeah

Just a stone says:

Guys, I have a theory.
Hideo Kojima is going nuts

Bazibuaxtreme says:

Every Kojima Main Character sounds like Snake

Vegard Fjeldberg says:

This is what happens when you set Kojima free.

Gamer659 x says:


Install Gentoo says:


trash can says:


tyler russell says:

Me want now

Aran Smeallie says:

Oh yea
This game is gonna go full kojima on us

SaironDeus says:

I imagine world devoid of women would look like this…

João Antônio says:

The best part to me is the robotic arms detecting the things. Is so scary. Haha.
I already like this game. It’s so weird, but awesome.

Dávid Jakab says:

Is there anyone who could explain this trailer?
Even before the very first trailer, everyone was hyped as hell, then they showed like 10 seconds of odd looking stuff, more hype. Now they show 8 minutes of nothing and everyone is losing there minds. Where is the gameplay or the story? Please, for the love of all the overhyped and failed games, don’t be so hyped, or you’ll all set yourselves for a huge disappointment.

ManSeaweed says:

he should just make movies instead :/

Ceyhan Yildiz says:

The baby is to help the human kinda in the world or something like that and the 1 how came down whit black jacket is maybe helping him from the others then he stuck te baby in de belly so it wont get eaten plz

P.s. like plz i spend time on this game trailer xD

Vojtěch Janků says:

Is this some sort of Evangelion sequel?

MoM Jackie Boy says:

Perhaps everyone had a baby in himself xD

Bananas are good says:

What’s going on again

Evan Watt says:

Oh… I don’t think that was weed we just smoked…

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