Days Gone – World Video Series: Riding The Broken Road | PS4

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Coming April 26, 2019.

The open world of Days Gone is dangerous and never stops coming for you. As long as you have your Drifter Bike though, you might just survive.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language


Guchi Flipflops says:

this is the zombie version of mad max but on steroids

mikkdc says:

Seems like it borrows elements from Mad Max… and that”s well suited to this game imo

Jevin Dutch says:

Is this multiplayer

TheShanePlays says:

The more I see, the more I want it.

Captain Barbossa says:

Can’t wait for the next delay

Detona Hard Gameplay | #DetonaHard says:

Esse vai ser show!

TheHighButWise says:

Who else will walk from one end of the map to the other?

Fake CNN Bomb says:

Fallout 76 with motorcycles, I’ll pass.

Mr. J says:

I’d love to get excited for this game, but I did that twice already and got burned. I have a feeling even Sony knows its bad. It’s never had the confidence to release it when other games were coming out. Hope I’m wrong though.

Ashley L says:

the only zombie game i want to hear about on this channel is the Last of Us 2.

Jesus Arias says:

Esperamos que el juego sea en español latino


When I was a kid I used to watch this game to come up……. Now I will buy this game for my son….

Aly byking says:

Dead rising + Mad Max = Days gone

Fffg Gfssdf says:


rambo a says:

When is the pc version out?

Vincent Ayala says:

This is gonna be an expensive year

Bear says:

I’m 100% buying this.


Im dont now i pre order it or no please help

caçador do rio says:

The game is a state of decay with sons of anarchy vibe blerghhh

Moussa MOUSSA says:


saurav raj Singh says:

” A quick getaway is often the difference between life and death”

Me: Restart from last Checkpoint.

Fire Ball FB says:

After 3 years i can play un april Yh ahah

Young Cartilo says:

Definitely gonna get old quick

Asmit Basu. says:

Graphic downgrade. Dude….. so uncool.

muscle rock says:


jim jimjim says:

I want Left 4 Dead 3.

Rocky Pingale says:

Looks Great!

alan de says:

shut up and take my money

defil3d says:

Bought PS4 Pro for this and last of us 2.

Dee Gracia says:


Youssef Taghi says:

Sounds like a commercial

Oscar Yeager says:

I guess time will tell. Gonna watch and read some reviews before I buy.

Aylmer Johnson says:

Been waiting for this kind of game for a Long Time, Yay

westythebesty says:

This looks like a better state of decay

Alexander Irizarry says:

I played gta 5 on ps4 onec the controler was way more defferent than a xbox controler so i got confused and please stop insultin xbox players we havent done anything to you just leave us alone

Crow Jones says:

Another game PS4 is bullshiting on releasing

Chanellor Francis says:

I hope this game isnt a bust

Rachel Semionow says:

Rdr2 remastered as a zombie game with a motorcycle?

Boondock 307 says:

y my peepee hard


the weapon sounds in this game…

Guide of Gamer says:

Esperamos que el juego sea en español

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