CALL OF DUTY WWII Official Trailer (2017) World War 2 Game HD

CALL OF DUTY WWII Official Trailer (2017) World War 2 Game HD
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Gamer 4 life says:

I use to be in ranked number 1 clan in australia during the cod ww days, well im coming home activision.

green science909 says:

It looks kind of like saving private Ryan no?

jacobyrasta says:

let’s see how many copies you will sell this time by copying sumthing that terrifies you, i mean BF.

alpenmountains says:

remember guys, no pre-orders

Coozing says:

Hell yeah! Texas!

Gaming With Noah says:

No offense, but Super Mario Odyssey would look better than this if the Nintendo Switch supported 4K resolution.

kevindt12 says:

That name is wrong init. One media sould be one medium. or am i wrong.

TuMadre EstuvoBienAnoche says:

we want nigerian campaign in this Cod.

llukav klein says:


Fat Mac says:

Can somebody please make something new?

Guaest7784 2516 says:

iam still waiting for hitler to show up in this game.

Stone Murray says:

They finally listened to the fan base

Jan Metdepetop says:

The Germans are the right side of history.

MultiMediaHD - Vlogs says:

0/10 No nazis and no hitler

Gamer pro69 says:

holy shit this looks good


Americans are rewriting the history for their favour….just don’t forget who fought and won the Nazis in Stalingrad and Kursk……Oh I’m sorry 12 years old kids don’t need to know that, have fun playing another piece of crap

David Nobre says:

oh look it’s Josh Duhamel

Slayer King says:

saving private ryan

nitro1821 says:

CoD: World At War is BACK.

Marksman Gaming says:

They better have something like operations or I’m going to be really mad!

smooth Animations says:

Where is hitlee

Galaxi Gamer says:


ink quantum says:

are we gonna kill hitler

Robloxian Gamer says:

I’m getting this game now

Johny40Se7en says:

Looks pretty damn good, I haven’t been at all into Call of Doody since World at War about a decade ago, all that generic modern and future bollocks. Great stuff that it’s going back to the roots, I hope Medal of Honour does the same but goes more with the secret sabotage stuff like the ps1 days, OSS and Maquis, so much more interesting.

Andrew Bowers says:


сука блять руски нахуй says:


Seth Stone says:

looks ok ig

ONE Media says:

BF1 vs CODWWII : Let’s FIGHT!!!

jose martell says:

Battlefield 1 happens in WW1 and Call of Duty WW2 happens in World War 2

Harizto says:

I pray to see a game about WW2 in which you play de germans or japanese as the main characters. Tired of the same old story.

noorizerx says:


The Man The legend says:

you kidding me the only reason cod came out with this is becuz the were losing against battlefield 1

TwoTon TV says:

What is that speech in the beginning?

Fredy says:

aqui ba a ber salseo entre call of dity wwll y batle fiel 1

Daylon White says:

Yes,Finally enough of that running of the wall type shit…they need to make a COD Ghost 2 to continue the story on that…

KleverStudios says:

Finally a good D-Day level, the closest we got was Point Du Hoc in COD 2.

Jadon Berg says:

This trailer has proven one thing. Games like this aren’t made to encourage people to go to war, they’re trying to scare people away from it… Can’t wait to play

BrosDo Games says:

When is this game coming out?

- _goodgreatgod_ - says:

this game is going to be the greatest cod game yet man ima buy a ps4 just for this

technojunkie joa says:

The German Men kicks the Texas apes in the Ass.

Scott VanderVeen says:

CoD2 still the best game.

Kaiser Wilhelm the second says:

Nothing wrong with Activision adjusting its setting to supply demand for historically accurate games

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