Blizzcon 2018 – Best Game Trailers (1080p)

Best Game Trailers on Blizzcon 2018: Warcraft 3: Reforget, Lost Honor, Overwatch Animated Short Reunion, Diablo: Immortal, Heir of Raven Court, Rastakhan’s Rumble Cinematic.

0:00 Warcraft 3: Reforget

2:08 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth “Lost Honor”

5:15 Overwatch Animated Short “Reunion”

13:07 Diablo: Immortal Cinematic

15:58 Heroe of the Storm: Heir of Raven Court

18:19 Hearthstone: Rastakhan’s Rumble Cinematic


Travis Brooks says:

@ 15:33 where is the witch doctor? how come he isnt in the party? is it because he is black?

William Ryan says:

Shit, shit and more shit. Cash grab with minimum effort. Cool fanboy trailer bait though lmao.

pleure retroish says:

ashe got tired of League and put down the bow for a gun

saint ghost says:

and fucked as we had for generations

최주석 says:

게임 돈현질 해봐는데 영원 한거 없다 즐겨라 그냥 시간 지나면 또다른 세상이 열린다

Vincent Jack says:

Blizzard games are only for kids now. Move on guys, this company is gone. It died with Blizzard North.

23 Anonymous says:

12:07 Max Steel Woman

Neo D says:


KewlCrayon says:

Diablo Immortal looks just like Diablo 3 on mobile?
Like, its got literally the same look and heroes. I thought the nephalem wasnt suppose to appear until D3, now we got new ones?


If he had launched an expansion to D3 for a PC/PS4/Xbox called ” Immortal ” with lvl head @ 100, which had a Diablo 2 like gameplay and finally say: Guess what, will be available for mobile too!
The reaction of the fans would have been altogether different!

jai pii says:

Hahaha “REFORGET” nice.

Alan Day says:

Reforged a pretty word for reheated leftovers..

Seb Gauthier says:

most of them were great but that Heroes one just bored me.

Ray King says:

So I’m guessing the new character we can play is Bob?

Justine Cirilo says:

They should just move to the movie industry!!!!

sergei sebeko says:

as dissapointed as i am i have to admit that diablo trailer was quite badass

Young Chan Seo says:

blizzard is dead.

xeeses226 says:

Dislike because Diablo Immortal was on this video

Willy Souza says:

Worst B.C so far.

Alexander Jiang says:

Blizzcon should make movies rather than games

Justine Cirilo says:

Was the first trailer a remake of the original? I dont remember it being that good (graphically speaking. Its awesome either way)

P.S. I typed this while watching the trailer. It’s awesome

Carmelo Marsala says:

I only downvoted because the Diablo trailer was included.

Alan Wake says:

Leftover again

Fillerfatten says:

15:51 not you

Denis Mixed [EoS] says:

What is the name of the melody at the end of the video, at the very end?

Scott n says:

quoting RedPill Shark, whose comment kept getting censored on Diablo videos

“No Kings Rules Forever My Son” I enjoyed my 20+ years playing Blizz games, but it seems now is the time to admit the soul is gone. Goodbye Blizz. I will truly never forget my first Orcs vs Humans experience, again, thankyou and goodbye.”

Snowbrawler says:


Shaun K says:

Yeesh, those trailers were better than the games…

Pig0Benis88 says:

Oh man! Diablo looks so good! I bet all of the fans are gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!!F

linklucario64 says:

is liar, beacuse for diablo Immortal

Star Killer says:

Blizzard – one and only gamemakers, that make games from shit, and use all money for trailers and arts.
RIP Blizzards. Company, that haved 10 000 000 online players with grants 10 dollars into 2 month for playing WoW, and didnt do nothing from that moment.

HaiDuTin OP says:

The father has black hair and white beard, the daughter has already white hair… do I miss something?

Alan Wake says:

Did any one see any new game here? No

psychshift says:

At 2:00 blizzard bravo they say the eyes are the window into the soul, consciousness intent and emotions and you nailed that.

Михаил Поляков says:

минимализм , поглотит нас, или приведет к тому к то мы есть , “малекула” или “Как там ?”

Nong Nong Channel says:

Delete cmt pls :)))

DragonsLord76 says:

Кто-нить скажите Близзам, что движущиеся картинки – ЭТО ГОВНО И ОТСТОЙ!!! ПОЛНОЕ ЕБАНАТСТВО БЛЕВОТНОЕ!!!

Ryan Mackeen says:

WOW…. Not like a good WOW… All just character installments… Where are the new games? Where is the old Blizzard???

I better be in Streets of Rage 4 Skate says:

Overwatch needs a campaign so bad

Jayhob Ackluhammad says:

Blizzard has the resources and potential to make create games movies and shows and they own the rights to some of the best series ever created and they just dick all over what blizzard ENTERTAINMENT use to mean. Fuck actinovision

Edgar Rosales Lopez says:

Whats the song of the end?

Eduardo Freitas says:

Are t ALL running for the best CG? I’m amazed!

Kuroritas says:

*yawn* how you can guess that those at 09:13 – 09:30 are skins for reinhardt, windowmaker, reaper, anna etc etc.

Coldfirecze says:

All pay to win shiits from Blizzard …

Mr Empathielos says:

PLS GOD Give me an HD remake of DB2 LOD with 1-2 new acts, maybe some extra runes and rune words and on top of it MAYBE JUST MAYBE 2 new Characters. I will spend all my money to this game and Blizzard and after that i can die with a smile on my face TY !



Press ‘B’ for W3 fans
Press ‘L’ for OW fans
Press ‘I’ for WoW fans
Press ‘Z’ for Hearthstone fans
Press ‘A’ for HOTS fans
Press ‘R’ for Diablo fans

P.S. I’m just kiDding 🙂

Alex hey says:

Am i the only one with growing disappointment over blizzard games for the last decade?

Gabri gabriele says:

what a shit .. only wow is the game

KewlCrayon says:

Theyre suppose to be severed arms! I guess they went for accuracy this time around.

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