BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 Official Trailer (2017) Game HD

BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 Official Trailer (2017) E3 2017, Cinematic Game HD
© 2017 – Ubisoft

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Sasha Superman says:

негр и обезьяна. ахахах. нигга и макака..что это если не самая расистская игра))))

из варфейса says:

Who is know track 1:23

Kavinth Amirthanathar says:

2:27, oh that explains the music

Banana Boxers says:

I thought it was a movie…

illumi notme says:

just what we need a game promoting beastiality

Keo Kane says:


chris burnett says:

if this works… we may see… Half Life 3… or not!


winston origin story

Phallon X says:

Definitely buying this one for the fucking Kids they will play the fucking shit out of this mother fucker and they love the shit out foul mouthed mother fucking monkeys, cant wait for them to play it with their bible study buddies :o)

DeltaHardcore says:

An ape with cockney accent? I like it.

Shadowhawk says:

pig monster hentai

ToriMoo says:


Ulti Masamune says:

Ganesha statue surprised me

Grant T B says:

Just no.

Skidoosh Layman says:

-2 points for Wilhelm scream.

Edme The Wolf says:

basically this entire trailer..Jk this is awesome

Christopher Brown says:

They say fuck waaay too much in this trailer. This isn’t because i’m sensitive too swearing, but because it sounds like they’re trying too hard.

sharigan1988 says:

one of the best trailer i ever saw for a game omfg holy shit thats swiss fucking chocolate M8 LOL

fleducation001 says:

they should invest in making cinematic movies. the quality is stunning!

Henry Moreno says:

That is a fucking bad ass monky

vice2vursa says:

this is what the world in a dragonball z movie should look like.

Eli Cahill says:

Jesus well they took their time.

Lamivern says:

six fucks in one minute.
cant wait

Revontheus Kun says:

This game seems fucking lit.

photag216 says:

I don’t know what this was, but it was awesome!

The Curious Sicko says:

People having access to the net and all the dark shit and porn that comes with it- letting a game with profanity offend them.
You creampuffs need real problems to take your naive minds off this type of petty shit.
Sheltered dopey bastards.

Jakupsun Doe says:

So the black girl’s boyfriend is a monkey? Racist. I am calling Zoe Quinn

math U says:

Willham scream.

i love this already

BrontoSmilodon1 says:

So are there any other video game trailers where a black woman is the supporting character?

Braedan Lingbloom says:

space india…. hug neet

Clien Gates says:

I wanna fuck that chinese chick

Kenneth Satria says:

Holy shit the animation…

harleygoodboy says:

God harambe…

Warren Hunsinger says:

I want to live there!

H N Q says:

2:15 They HAD TO add it in, didn’t they? XD

Skidoosh Layman says:

Add a year to development time for each fuck.

Alexey Proshin says:

Does anybody know what music is playing in this trailer?

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